How to post your questions


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number of sttiches


What do you mean, Donna?


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thank you


How do I post a question?


Look at the first post in this thread. On the main page it says new topic and from there you can choose the proper category.


thanks, never knew that!


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How do I lost part of pattern?


Hi, I just found this but am very confused. Not really computer savvy. Don’t see how to ask a question. I see the topics but can’t see where to type in a question. I am stumped with a pattern. Medium experienced, many years but no expert!


Welcome to KH!
Go to a main page, like the one that lists categories or topics. In the upper right is a +New Topic button. Click that and post your question in the Reply box.
If this doesn’t work, come back here and ask again.


I just joined your blog. I have a question to ask but cannot find where or how to do this. Can someone help me?


Welcome to KH!
I see that you figured out how to post. Good going. I love the Azel pattern and have it in my favorites.

Glad to have you join us.


I don’t use facebook or twitter. Is there any other way I can post a question? Thanks I am a newbie to knitting.


Welcome to the forum!
You can go directly to this URL on your internet browser.

You could also Google and click the link.

Whatever method you used to post the current question seems to have worked.


Thanks for all the help! Seems to be going ok right now! Yaaa!


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