Subbing yarn

I have a pattern which calls for Bernat Softee Chunky yarn, I have all kinds of Knit picks Brava TM Worster yarn. Can anyone tell me if it can be used and what the I should be doing. The pattern for size 8/10 calls for 55 stitches, how many would I put on with the worsted yarn? Thank you in advance for any help you can give me, would love to make this for my grand daughter.

@Rose1 Welcome to KH! I’ve moved your post from the sticky thread about how to post questions to the How-to Questions category.

Basically your question is how to substitute worsted weight yarn for chunky correct? We can’t answer that question without more information. What are you making? Give us a pattern name and a link if possible. There are thousands (millions?) of patterns and sometimes yarn weight can be swapped pretty easily and on others it could cause a lot of problems.

You can substitute any yarn you want! You do not need to use the one the pattern says – after all, they are meant to make money for the yarn company, not that it is the right yarn to use!!

That being said, the recommended yarn is what the designer used, and was right FOR HER. You are a different person, with different tastes, and different tension. So it is never going to be the same for you. Keep this in mind.

Before you jump in with another yarn, the first thing is to make a swatch. This is a piece of knitting about 10 cm square (so you get a good feel for the fabric) and wash it as you will the finished item. Then you know how it will behave. Some yarns stretch, or shrink, so you need to know this before starting! You MUST do this every time you start a project. There is no exception – unless you have used this yarn before and know what it will do. Even then, you never know.

Then you can decide how many stitches to cast on and the rows you need. Remember that the pattern is only a guide – it does not mean you must follow it blindly! You must become a thinking knitter!! If you do that, then you will never question whether you can use this or that yarn, or needles. Remember that you are in control – you do what you must to get what you want. But you need to know what you want, and how to get there. Experience. Education.