Aran jumper question

Hi can you help me please in knitting an aran jumper ive done the rib and inc row then pattern has foundation row 1 and foundation row2 then pattern on the foundation row it says TB1 does this mean if it is k loop i k into the back and if it’s p i purl into the back purlways

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Check at the beginning and at the end of your pattern for a list of abbreviations. Your pattern should define TB1.
What pattern are you following? Can you give us a name or link (not the whole pattern please as that causes copyright problems).

The pattern is peter gregory ive inc row p8 inc purlways p1 to last 14sts purl to end which ive done ok foundation row1 k1 tb1 p1 11times k1 tb1 p1 tw2 p1 k3 p4 k6 p2 3times p1 tw2 p1 k1 tb1 to end which im ok with its this row I’m not sure foundation 2 p1 tb1 k1 11 times p1 tb1 k1 p2 k3 p6 k4 p3 3 times k1 p2 then k1 p1 tb1 to end if i come to a purl st do i purl it in the back

Possibly this one?

If your pattern doesn’t define TB.1, then go ahead and purl through the back loop. That’ll twist the stitch on the RS. See if you like that look

Hi im on a inc row and it says rib 6 inc rib6 inc to end does this mean i rib 6 and inc on 7th stitch or rib 5 and inc on 6 th stitch

Does your pattern tell you how to increase? The stitch count between sts will be different depending on whether it’s an increase in a stitch (like a kfb) or an increase between sts (like a M1)

If your pattern doesn’t specify an increase, rib 6, inc in stitch 7 but also count stitch 7 as the first stitch for the next number of “rib” directions. The alternative is rib 6, M1, rib …

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On this rib im doing 1st row is p2 ktb1 p2 then row 2 is k2 ptb1 k2 which is ok until the inc row it says rib 2 inc in next st with this been ptb1 would i still p in back then front

What part of the sweater is this? Sleeves?

Back of the jumper

It does seem strange to have a line of twisted sts as a result of the stitches worked through the back loop and then interrupt it with increases. I’d make the increase a M1, a stitch picked up from the loop of yarn between the knit sts and the stitch worked through the back loop when you come to this kind of row. Better not to interrupt the line of twisted sts.

I’ll give it a go :grinning:

Hi im on the sleeves of my jumper it says inc at each end then every foll 6th row do i knit 5rows then inc

Yes, that’s right. Work 5 rows, increase row, work 5 rows, inc row, etc.

Thanks :pray: for your advice

Hi im on the sleeves of this Aran jumper which are a drop sleeves the size i should do look to wide could i do the smaller size in the sleeve would it make a difference

You could work fewer increases up the length of the sleeve or work the next smaller size. This is easy if there’s not a fitted sleeve cap which is often the case with drop sleeves.
You can get an idea of the width at the top of the sleeve from the schematic if there is one. If not you can measure across the front or the back for the same number of sts as the sleeve top. That’ll give you a good idea of the ultimate width at your gauge. These sweaters are meant to fit loosely and you don’t want them to be too restrictive at the armholes.

Ok there are 4sts difference between the size i should do or the size less

It looks like the pattern is about a worsted weight yarn so maybe an inch difference in size. Not much difference but as I said the important thing is that these armholes not be too tight. Consider too, whether this sweater will be worn over a shirt or over another sweater as outside gear.
You might also measure the armhole on a sweater that fits the recipient well.
Either way, the current size or a size smaller, this should be ok.

Ok will let you know what size ive gone for and how ive got on