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How do u do this…?

How to post a question? Go to a list of Categories or click on Latest at the top of the page. Click on +New Topic button at the upper right of the page and post your question or comment.

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Please tell me how to send/post the draft I have waiting to go. [quote=“beldaraan, post:1, topic:6359, full:true”]
Suggestions to help this forum run its best…

Be as specific as possible in your title
examples: what is k2tog? joining a new colour? best Bind Off for lace?
This makes it easier for others with the same question later to find the answer. Also helps us to recognize if we’ve already read your post. Easier for us than general titles like “Help, what do I do?”

Provide any helpful info about your project.
examples: guage, yarn used, needle size, a link to the pattern or name of the magazine, a picture of your work in progress
These are often useful or necessary to answer your Q. Remember not to quote a pattern in its entirity, however, since that violates copyright. Thanks!

Don’t put yourself down
examples: silly question, stupid problem, I’m dumb
We do not believe any question is silly, dumb, or stupid. We all need help sometimes, and folks here love being helpful, so ask away! :slight_smile:

Please use a link to the pattern when possible. If you own the pattern do not post the entire pattern, just the part that you need help with.

Other suggestions when needing some guidance:

  • try using our search link (it’s at the top of the page with the magnifying glass icon)
  • try to contact the writer of the pattern or the website/magazine presenting the pattern
  • see if you can get someone to help you in person from a local knitting group or a store that carries yarn

Hi could you please help I have a pattern when I get to cast off for shoulders it says cast off 7x2sts,6x2sts. Then knit 14k turn and cast off for neck 2x2 I have never read a pattern like this before and I can’t quite work it out😳

Can you give us the name of the pattern or a link to it? Don’t post the pattern itself because of copyrights but a few lines are ok.

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What does from 1st to 128th row set pattern.Keeping continuity of set(throughout )work 196 rows more.Cast off.Mean.

Welcome to KH!
What is the name of your pattern?
Apparently there is a repeat possibly of 128rows. So you continue with rows 1-128 again and then a partial repeat of the next 68 rows. Seeing the pattern may help.

Has anyone made Marianna’s Lazy Daisy Days Denim Blue Aran Baby Jacket?
I am on the divide row : S1, k18,slip the next 26 sts on to a spare needle, k34,slip the next 26 sts on to a spare needle, k19. How does one bridge the gap caused by putting 26 sts on a spare needle? The pattern says nothing about cutting or rejoining the yarn or adding stitches under the arms. I would appreciate any help with this problem.

Welcome to KH!

Simply join the front sts to the back by knitting from one to the other closing up the gap. There aren’t any extra sts at the underarm perhaps because these are made for such young babies.

Thank you for the advice.

Are you knitting or crocheting. I have a crochet pattern that’s pretty straightforward if your interested.

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