purl followed by sl1 wyif

I have a shawl by Phydeaux designs that calls for p1, sl1 wyif. While I understand how to sl1 wyif, the P1 just before confuses me as most videos show a knit 1 just before? any video suggestions are welcome.
Thanks in advance ;0)

These instructions are actually easier because you aren’t having to move the yarn back and forth. It will already be in front because you just purled. So you just purl, slip, purl, slip, ad nauseum.

A slip stitch can follow any other kind of stitch. It’s not limited to following a knit stitch.

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Here’s a video. I don’t know what comes after the slip stitch but if it’s not a decrease you would slip purlwise.

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Thanks I did see that

Thanks, I appreciate your help!