Sweater help

I am knitting a cardigan. I’m kind of new to knitting. I don’t understand this ?

I’ve done up to where it says next row purl

Hi and welcome!
Which size are you making?

Medium 32-34

I’m not sure which size that is but let’s say it’s the 2nd size.
Call the Next Row: purl, row 1.
You would decrease at the armhole edge on rows 2 and 3, then rows 4,6 and 8.
Decrease at the front edge on row 6 (so this row has a dec at the armhole and at the front edge).
Decrease at the front edge on rows 14, 22, 30, 38 and 46.
That works out to the correct number of sts left (22) and the correct number of rows worked.

Whenever you see a 0 for your size in a pattern, skip that direction.