How to work this bind off

How do I knit this row in my pattern: K1, p1, knit 3, *k1, yf, bind next 7 sts thus: insert point of right hand needle between 7th and 8th sts on left-hand needle, take yarn over right-hand needle and round point and draw a loose loop through to front of work, then slip this loop onto left-hand needle in front of first st and p it together with first st through back of loops , now k1, sl, k2 tog, psso, k2, this will be referred to as Bind 7.

Just do exactly what it says. The easiest way to get through all of the stitches will be to use a crochet hook just slightly smaller than your knitting needle; it’ll go through much more easily and you’re less likely to lose one. You’re gathering a lot of stitches for some reason. Is it the top of a bag or ornament, or maybe a sweater with puffed sleeves?

I’m not sure she is though? You are going between stitch 7 and stitch 8 and drawing through a loop, then put the loop on the left hand needle in front of the first stitch so the loop is now stitch 1 and the original stitch 1 is now stitch 2. Purl stitches 1 and 2 together tbl,

You’re right. I’d have to see it. The description and the “bind 7” are…odd, since it isn’t really a bind-off no matter what it says.
All I can see is wrapping the 7 stitches (and the crochet hook would be really handy even if you’re not going through them, and maybe especially so), but working them and doing a double decrease in the middle. There has to be some kind of decorative float going across/around those seven stitches, then the purl decrease/knit/double decrease/knit 2 ending up with five stitches in that group.