Help with sweater fronts

hi please can u help me with my knitting im knitting a cardigan at the moment now im stuck on with the left front and the right front now it says on my pattern at the moment that for the right front that ive got to work 9 rows dec 1st at front edge in 1st and every following 3rd row at sametime dec 1st at armhole edge in next and every following alternate row now at the moment ive got 35sts on my needles now after i do these 9 rows i should get down to 27 sts left on my needles but i have tryed this 5 times over and over again and i cant get it right at all i would love for u to help me out with this one for me please

I find that it helps to write these kind of directions out, row by row and then check off each row.
Decrease at the front on rows 1,4, and 7. Decrease at the armhole on rows 1,3,5,7, and 9.

That’ll dec 8sts total and take the stitch count from 35 to 27.

thanks very much salmonmac now ive got it sorted thanks to u lovely cheers

Thanks, your explanation helped me too :slight_smile: Cheers

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