UK Oddball Baby Blankets

Several knitters from the UK have decided to make “Oddball Baby Blankets” for charity. The blankets have been coming along quite nicely.

Each knitter knits for 10 centimeters, then mails the blanket to the next knitter, with the stitches still “live” on the knitting needles.

When the blanket is complete, it is given to charity!

Here is our website, with instructions for the knitters in the United States. Hopefully, we will have a new website soon, just for UK knitters. :slight_smile:

Regular Baby Blankets:

Preemie Baby Blankets:

Hi Shandeh
I would to be included in your blanket KAL xx

Hello, Pauline told me about this thread, I’ve come to volunteer for the English blanket :slight_smile:

Thanks Shandeh for letting me know about this project. I would like to get involved with the english blanket. let me know what to do. I see from the post that it is a circus blanket. I imagine that to be bright colours.
thanks Karina

Thanks for joining, Karina!
Yes, the blanket will need bright colors, which should be fun to knit. :slight_smile:
And welcome to the forum! :muah:

I’ll send a private message to you, with the details.

Hi shandeh
Hows it doing with the list for the circus blanket? Have we got enough knitters yet?

Have tried to find Caron Simply Soft here in the UK, Is there an alternative or do somebody here know where to get the yarn. I am a bit worried about not getting the right yarn.
It might be helpfull if you could post the yard/meter per ball of yarn and tension/size needle.
I don’t want to send back a wonky blanket.
Thanks Karina

Here’s the information from the label:

100% Acrylic, worsted weight, 4 ply, machine washable and dryable
7 ounces/198 grams

Strange . . . I didn’t see the yardage listed but here’s the website for more details:

You can order it on line too

Hi MAmaDawn
is there any company that you can recommend. I usually only buy fabric from the us. I have looked at a couple of companies so far 2 won’t do international and one had a $15 handling fee on top of the posting which I thought was a bit excessive.
When I buy fabric it is always sent to me in Global Priority Envelopes at $11, Which is good value for money.
Any thoughts would be helpfull. Thanks Karina

Here are some other options that Shandeh mentioned, are any of these easier to get in the UK than Caron Simply Soft? HTH

I’m ordering it from Caron directly… it’s at the link I posted with the colors… but I looked and didn’t see what they said about international shipping.

If those aren’t any easier and getting it from Caron is too much I will buy it and ship it to you. If you want to do this just pm or email me. I’ll be glad to help with that.

I will be glad to send several skeins of yarn along with the project, for you all to use. Believe me, I have a TON of yarn here! I’ll be more than happy to share. You don’t need to buy a thing! :hug:

Oh, and if it helps at all: Worsted weight is very close to aran weight.

Thanks SPIKEY I have managed to find an online shop where I can buy Lion Brand Microspun. Says it is light worsted, Will I have to double it up?

MAmaDawn that is a very generous offer, I checked Carons web site and on the registration form you could only put in a US address. If you have a paypall account and are sure it is not to much trouble I may take you up on the offer. Reading all these post it seems to be a popular yarn so am quite curious to know what it feel and knits like.

Sandy that is very kind of you, but this could turn out to be a bit of an addiction in it self. As I am reading through the post of this massive site. There is other charity projects that I would like to join. Really like the idea of the squares. I will eventually have to find an equivelant yarn from this country.

Thank you to all of you for your help and kindness:muah:

Yes we do!!! I’ll cast on the blanket tonight! :cheering:

The microspun knits up almost exactly the same as Caron Simply Soft, so it should work very well. :thumbsup:

I’ll send a skein of Caron Simply Soft along with the blanket. That way, all of you English knitters can see it!

Bless your heart xxx

I’ve been looking through some of my stash and found this -->

which I’d like to use but I’d have to double or even triple it. Would it be ok or should I keep looking or buy something?

If you double or triple-strand it, it will work fine. Is it acrylic?

Yes it is :slight_smile:

Woo Hoo! The blankets are really going now!

Last night, I finished the beginning of the “Circus Fun” blanket for the knitters in England. I’ll be mailing it out this week. :slight_smile:

I used Purple and Yellow Caron Simply Soft, sandwiched between two layers of a colorful, variegated Bernat Super Value. (That yarn is MUCH softer than I thought it would be!) :slight_smile: