UK Oddball Baby Blankets

I have found one circular knitting needle in my stash, however am not sure if it is a 6mm or 6.5 mm it is 50cm long. I will send it along with the circus blanket if that is going back to you or send it with the couple of squares that I am working on. which ever comes first.

Wow that’s lovely! :cheering:

Hi I have found a yarn Sirdar snuggly aran which is 55%acrylic and 45 nylon and machine washable. would that be ok. I did buy a 100% acrylic suppose to be a toddler aran but don’t think it is that soft. I would not use it on my toddler thats for sure. Karina

I love the Sirdar Snuggly, but it won’t work for this project. The hospital has asked for the blankets to be 100% acrylic.

Thanks for asking! :hug:

I too would love to join in again…the purple one sounds lovely also Fairy Dance xx

Add me to which ever blanket Pauline maddocks is doing since the blankets will already be in the UK we might as well get a few colours done before it goes back.

I’ll join on the Purple Passion if you’ll have me :slight_smile:

I’ll have you! :teehee: You’re on the list. :thumbsup:

I have found a web site that sells Lion Brand Microspun, it is shown to be a DK or a size 3 is that right. is it still OK for this project.

Went back over previous posts and see that this question has already been answered, so will order some today.

I see that Hollyp started a blanket, I think we should start a blanket here in the UK that way it will only have one trip across the pond.
I don’t mind starting it off, any takers.

since blue and purple has been taken and since feb is fast approaching what about a valentine blanket all in reds and pinks. Let me know what you think

I will join you if thats OK x

Pauline Thats brilliant any other takers. this is open to all just thought to get the english section done first before it goes over to the US. or if there are enough takers make it a UK blanket either way works for me.

I can do the pinks and reds I think if I can post to another UK person. I can’t always afford US postage :oops:

THanks DQ hopefully we will get a couple of more people involved, but at the end I don’t mind if whoever finish send the blanket back to me and I will post to Sandy.

If everybody is happy I will start this when I get my order of lion Brand Microspun that I ordered today. Hopefully I will have it by the end of the week.

Woo Hoo! :woohoo:
It’s so cool to see this project getting a life of its own! You are MORE than welcome to start your own blanket, my friend.

Just cast on about 100 stitches, and be sure to knit the first 3 rows with all garter stitch. And begin and end each row with 3 knit stitches, so it will have a nice border. You can do whatever you want with the center stitches.

Be sure to get a tiny journal, big enough for the 6 knitters to each write a little something about themselves and the work they do on the blanket. The little journal will be kept with the blanket, and given to the child in the hospital when the blanket is complete.

I’ll add your blanket to the list! :thumbsup: What would you like to call it? How about “Loving Hearts” or something like that?"

Loving hearts sounds good. I have already done a test in some other unsuitable yarn with stitches in purl and knit to make a heart. Think I can fit about four in a row. Or maybe hearts and X for a kiss havent made up my mind yet.

Loving Hearts, what a nice name! :yay:

It’s getting really exciting now Circus Fun will be in my hands any day now I am seen to be stalking our post lady daily now…She waves to me when she is passing if I don’t have any mail!!!

Which site are you ordering your Lion Brand Microspun etc

Hi Pauline
I ordered from this company