Oddball Baby Blankets - SOFT, Worsted Weight Yarn

That is SOOOO pretty!!

I would love to join this when I can… if I need to wait until a new set of blankets are started that’s ok with me. I think it’s great that you guys are doing this.

Hi MAmaDawn! We can use you right now! Thanks for joining!
I’ll send you a private message with the details.

YEAH!!! I just sent you a reply and I’m looking at what yarn I want to buy for it… What brands are you all using? (Just wondering) I’m thinking Caron Simply Soft…

I used Caron Simply Soft for my section. It really is super soft and so nice to work with!

Caron Simply Soft is perfect!

Here are some other options:
Lion Brand Microspun
Red Heart Soft Yarn
Bernat Satin

You can also use some baby yarns, holding two strands together at the same time. Just make sure it’s about the same thickness as worsted weight when you knit with it.

Hello everyone! I’m very excited to get the Peppy Pastel’s blanket, I’m sure it’ll be here today or tomorrow. I might not be able to knit on it for about a week, tho. I started coming down with the flu bug last night, and I really don’t want to get germs on it when it comes and pass it on to the rest of you, lol. So I’ll leave it in its package till I’m better, which I am hoping is soon. My husband had it for about a week, but I oooh so hope it doesn’t last that long for me. I’ve been taking Zicam like crazy in the hopes that it will shorten the duration of this thing. Anyway, sorry for the little delay, but once I’m well I break open the package and knit like there’s no tomorrow :slight_smile: Hope you all are well!

Praying for your quick recovery! :heart: :pray: :heart:

I am feeling sooooo much better today! Its really amazing what zicam can do to shorten colds. This has convinced me to keep a good supply of it ready for all our colds.

I opened the package and its looking BEAUTIFUL!! Beekaync sent a couple of balls of fuzzy fur yarn, thanks so much!!! I was thinking of knitting my 2 girls some mittens, and that would make a nice cuff I think held along with the regular yarn for it. How very thoughtful of you! :woohoo:

So…I decided to break into stash instead of going yarn shopping, as much fun as that would have been. I have soooo much baby yarn and I need a reason to use it up. I bought some Red Heart Baby Teri this year. No I don’t have babies anymore (mine are 11 and 7!) but I saw it and I couldn’t pass it up! It really does feel/look like a terry cloth towel or robe. I didn’t, however get enough to make a robe, that would be one looooooong WIP! So I hadn’t found a use for the yarn yet. But now I have!

I started knitting with it, thought I’d knit a few pattern repeats, see what I think about the yarn texture with the pattern, as well as how it feels knitted up. I’m LOVING it! What do you all think? The yarn really looks mostly white, but I’m so pleased with how the pictures turned out, showing the ever so slight variations in the yarn. And while the stitch pattern isn’t super evident, it does show up the texture really well.

Oh yeah! Forgot to add a couple of things. I’m feeling pretty much 100% today. Just in case though, I’m planning on disinfecting the needles before sending it on, as well as airing the blanket out for a day, just in case.

I also wanted to mention that I have LOVED being a part of this, and would love to continue on the next one, I’m about halfway through my section now! It’s going pretty quick.

Great job!

And if you’re looking for a quick way to disinfect the knitting, just sit it outside in the sunshine for a while. Sunlight kills germies.


I’ve started working on our next blanket. “Fruity Loops” is looking bright and fruity!

I started knitting with some vintage shiny orange yarn in my stash, called “Nomis Lustro Excellence”. I held it together with some TLC Baby in the color “Powder Pink”. They were both thin sportweight yarns, so together, they knit as worsted. :wink:

After knitting for about 2 inches, I changed the TLC Baby yarn to Caron Simply Soft Baby Sport in a light yellow shade. I’ll finish knitting with that, and then send it on to the next knitter.

I’m using a pattern called “Garter Columns” from one of my many knitting stitch books.

Here’s the pattern:
Cast on 99 stitches
Knit 3 rows, then begin pattern stitch:

Row 1: K3, P3, K3 (repeat between *s to end of row)
Row 2: Knit
Repeat these 2 rows

How truly adorable!!! I just love, love, love the color!!!


So, do we have a pecking order for the blanket? My classes finish up by the 16th.

I have HollyP after me on this one. I can put you next after her if you want.

That should work out about right. Thanks!

Okey Dokey! :thumbsup:

Sandy that looks very very fruity! I love it and can’t wait to get it! Are we all using the same pattern or is it pick your own?

Thanks! :slight_smile: Each knitter can use whatever pattern they want. I’m just giving the instructions for mine in case anyone wants to use it. :wink: