Oddball Baby Blankets - SOFT, Worsted Weight Yarn

I was going to ask my sister-in-law for help if it did come to me. She designed her entire color scheme for her house using an old Mexican blanket that she found at an antique shop. She’s my “go to” person whenever I need help with matching colors.

This is good change too because I have plenty in my stash to fit the Patriotic theme!

You can add me to the Patriotic Party blanket. Since I’m next on the Sunndy day I don’t think they will be here at the same time…

BTW… I think I’m going to use Mango on here… what do you all think?


Am happy to help on the Patriotic Party blanket!

Wonderful!!! Thanks for joining! :woohoo:

Thanks for joining the Patriotic blanket! :hug:
The Mango would be GREAT for the sunny days blanket. :thumbsup:

Woo Hoo! :cheering: Now, we only need one more!

I finished my section of the “Peppy Pastels” blanket this evening. :happydance: I’ll take a picture over the weekend when I can get some natural light. Right now it is 22 1/2 inches wide and 18 3/4 inches long.


Yay, Jennifer! :cheering:

Wonderful! :thumbsup:

I’ve tried for the past couple weeks to contact kayrun, with no luck, so we have to move on to the next knitter.

Now we need one more knitter for the “Mexican Fiesta” blanket. Any takers?

I’m here - - sorry to have been away from the boards…if you can still use me, I’m available!
Karen G
in GA

Yay!! I’m so glad you’re okay! :cheering:

I’ll put you back on the list for a later time, my friend.

Today, I was FINALLY able to mail the “Sunny Day” and the “Mexican Fiesta” blankets to the next knitters.

Keep your eyes peeled for them, alleusion and Secksiebrat!

Shandeh–heard you need knitters–I’ll jump on board! Tell me what you need!

where’s the Neon blankie?

Yesterday, I received the Fruity Loops Blanket! :cheering:

I stalked the mailman, yes indeed! :teehee:

Here’s what it looks like:


And here’s what HollyP sent me to go along with it – many heartfelt thanks! :muah:


I hope to have my work done by this evening. I’ll try to get it mailed out by Tuesday. But, I’ll post pictures first.

I’ve placed kayrun back on the “Mexican Fiesta” list, just after secksiebrat.

Thanks for joining, bethany! :hug:
I’ll add you to the “Patriotic Party” blanket!
I’ll send you a message with the details.

I just cast it on last night! I’m using a flourescent orange/red yarn, with a “sparkly” look. It’s a vintage yarn by Fruit of the Loom. Doesn’t that sound funny? :teehee:

Yay! I’ll check with the next knitter to see if they are ready.

I finished my portion of the Fruity Loops Blanket last night! :cheering:

The blanket measures right at 10 1/2" long. Here’s a photo with my part done:


I used Red Heart Strata (self-striping yarn), colorway “Pogo.” I used a pattern from the 2007 Knitting Calendar.

Here’s a close-up of the yarn:


On to the next knitter!

The blanket looks really nice…I can’ wait to receive the Circus blanket!!

The Fruity Loops blankie looks great!!

I can’t wait to get the neon blankie…what’s the status of this one?

If you need knitters on another one, lmk. I will be glad to do more than one.

Yay! VERY fast work! :thumbsup:

I just finished my part of the Neon Storm blanket last night!

I received the Mexican Fiesta Blanket today! Thanks for the paton’s pattern book shandeh. There are some great items in there!


You’re welcome, Danielle!
I LOVE that pattern book, don’t you?