Your body piercing experience - It's DONE! PIX Pg 5!


I had been thinking about an industrial too. They look really cool, but I think it’s too much metal for DH’s taste. He’s the only person that I really care about their opinion. He’s not happy about a Monroe as it is. Although I’d totally let him pierce [I]anything[/I] he wanted… :-?

I totally agree with you! I have 5 tattoos and get so sick of people who feel the need to tell me all about their horror stories, or about someone who ended up regretting or removing their tat and how they would “never get a tattoo” themselves. Like I care. :doh:At least I thought about it before I got inked. My aunt once asked me (with disgust, mind you) what I was gonna tell my grandkids when I’m an old lady. I said… “Uh, I’ll say, hey kiddies… wanna see grandma’s tattoos?” :roflhard:

There are other pierced nips on this board… some PM’d me privately to tell me about their more unmentionable piercings. You’re not alone! :slight_smile:


Reminds me of a friend of mine who got an intimate piercing the day she finished her final exams at school at 18, but was 25 before she got her ears pierced cause her mum wouldn’t let her get any piercings :teehee:


snort :teehee:


well, I’m pretty much a I’ll tell you anything kind of person. When I first got them, you’d be amazed at the number of people who saw my boobs!! I was very proud!:rofling:


no interesting piercings here… asked dh what about a nose piercing. he’s not keen on it. i like tragus piercings though too…hmmm
i do have a large tattoo

it’s my dd (at 6 mos) as a mermaid. it was started in december last year, but i haven’t been back for more work because, lucky me, my psoriasis broke out on the tattoo. it’s just about clear though. i am hoping he remembers me and will finish it next month maybe!


do it! I love the nose piercings! especially the ones that are the cute diamond stud. I like the monroe too, but I would probably vote for one or the other. not both…
just me though… :shrug:


As much as I love my tragus I would never do it again, it was the worst. I shutter just thinking about it. I love my idustrial, LOVE it.


:nails: silver, where are the pics?



Just before…

The needle is going through… Notice the winced expression.

Needle is out, he’s inserting the jewelry.

The new pierced nose. WOOHOO!!

I LOVE it. :heart: I’m so happy I had it done! It didn’t hurt nearly as much as I expected, and on a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 2. A paper cut hurts worse. Seriously. It was a little tender afterwards for about an hour or so, but it doesn’t hurt at all now. And I can’t even feel the back of the nose screw.


Great job, looks awesome! Just a warning… they’re addictive!!! I’m planning a 3rd in my ear before I’m done I think


I :heart: it, it looks so natural on you!


Omg… Silver… you’re gorgeous!!!

And now I want one… I think DH would FREAK if I told him I wanted my nose pierced…


i think it looks fantastic!


It looks AWESOME!!!

Do you think you can talk my DH into letting me get one???:teehee:


I love it. That’s exactly what I want!!!


it looks very pretty
i have 5 holes in my ears and i do use them all
i did this when my son was 16
he is 40 now
never mind about the career
my son is a stock broker and as square as he can be
but he has a financial advisor that has a nose ring which drives him crazy
she happens to be very good at her job
personally if i could decide what i want
i would have a tatoo on my arm
i guess i would get a cat
but i am a little afraid to do this but i may get my courage up
ps this is why i wont answer the blog about how old are you
i am older than all of you
but still a bit off the wall:shrug:


It looks great on you Silver! I like a pierced nose when its a cute little stud just like yours. Its just right!


I love it Silver! I’m getting mine done today :help: And probably a tat! :double: :help:


:cheering: It looks great! :heart: Now I want mine done. :teehee:

Your description of the pain reminds me a lot of when I had my navel pierced. :slight_smile: It was the same thing for me. It was a bit tender for 1-2 hours afterwards, but other than that it didn’t really hurt.

Good for you too Vendie! It’ll go fine I’m sure! :cheering:


I know… I’m already thinking about another… LOL

blush Thank you! :slight_smile:
I know how you feel. My DH still isn’t keen on a Monroe piercing, even though I’m even more eager to get one… :-?

Thank you. :slight_smile: Just tell him I told you that you could get one. :teehee:

My mom got a tattoo when she was 50. :slight_smile: She got a little moon & star on her ankle. I say, if you want a tattoo, do it. You can always have it in a place that easy to hide.

WOOHOO!!! PIX PLEASE!!! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was surprised it didn’t hurt much at all. As you can see in that second pic, I was expecting some pain. But all that happened was my left eye teared up. It actually felt like someone had flicked me on the nose. Mostly just a thunk kinda feeling. Good thing too, that needle was very intimidating!! :ick: