Your body piercing experience - It's DONE! PIX Pg 5!


Ahhh right you are. But the snob in me does not consider navel rings, :zombie: Of all the people I know that got one I’d say about 1 in 20 healed right with no complications. Its just a horrible spot for infection. And I’ve had more than my nose pierced. :teehee:


No worries… I’m curious about the answer myself. I’m gonna do some googling and see what I find.

Thanks for the encouragement everyone. I HAVE decided to have my nose pierced. I’ll go on Wednesday so DH can go with me and watch… pix to come soon! I have not decided on the Monroe piercing yet. DH isn’t thrilled with that one, he said a nose ring is still “cute & feminine”, but thinks the Monroe will be too much… which I don’t get cause it simulates a traditional beauty mark. I still want one, but I do take DH’s opinion seriously so I’ll have to think about it more. :-?


chuckle I’ve got a scar from where my belly button piercing was… but who cares— I’ve got two other surgery scars within 1" of it-- so I really couldn’t care less…


I say go for it, if you dont like it, you can always take it out:shrug:

I have quite a few piercings myself. I have my nose (my fav, I :heart: it!!), my navel, my tongue, both ears 3 times and cartalidge(sp?). I’ve had my tongue double pierced twice, but I always took out the second one and just kept the one. I havent had any problems with them, I guess Im lucky. Ive also never had any problems with my nose ring as far as allergies, runny noses, etc. I barley know its there and it doesnt interfear with blowing my nose or anything. The only problem I have with it now is a duck that thinks its fun to pull it out and try to eat it:rollseyes:
I do take them all out for work, but Ive had them for so long that a day without them doesnt do anything. I also had a special nose ring made for me at a jewlers. I wanted a real diamond but didnt want it to look all big and gawdy, so I had a .05 caret diamond put in a flat, white gold bezel. It sits flat against my nose and alot of people dont even see it.


I love my cartilage piercing. I used to work at a jewelry store, and we peirced ears…thats why I have 7 ear peircings. LOL!

Monroe? Whats that? I dont think Ive ever heard of that. :thinking:


I have a little scar from mine, and some nice stretch marks running up from it from when I was pregnant, even though I had taken it out before I got pregnant. :teehee: I still keep saying I’m going to have it done again, I just never have. I would :heart: to get my eyebrow pierced, but it would be against the dress code at work. :pout:


I have a helix (outer ear cartilage) piercing too, but I think it’s a pretty tame piercing. :teehee:

A Monroe is an upper labret piercing (above the lip, below the nose) that’s off center to resemble Marilyn’s famous beauty mark. Also called a Madonna for the same reason… maybe you could also call it a Cindy (Crawford)? :slight_smile: I think they’re very pretty piercings, especially when it’s a small diamond stud. But DH isn’t feelin it. :-?


I LOVE Monroes also. I would love to get one done, but it would be pointless in my line of work (police) because it would have to come out everyday:pout: That and Boy HATES piercings. Maybe if I change jobs and get Boy drunk…:think:


I’ve had a few piercings done, from very reputable shops, that were clean and were very careful about the procedures used and the use of sterile needles, gloves, etc. I would go for it, as long as you won’t have a problem where you work. I would never do a facial piercing in my field because the legal world is so conservative, but my navel piercing is staying. The other ones are gone.

I never had any bad reactions and healed very quickly. I think it just depends on the person and the place.


I had my belly button done at 19 and never had any problems, I’d love to have my lip pieced but hubby would freak out, so I won’t go there.


It’s true that navels seem to be quite difficult to heal. I had mine pierced 2 years ago and everything is fine (I had one small infection but got it under control). However my mom (yes, my nearly 60 years old mom!) got hers done too and her body rejected it after a year, even if it had been completely healed for months :shrug:.

I decided to have my navel pierced when my boyfriend’s niece was visiting us (she was 16). Her parents allowed her to have it done here in Montreal, and I just couldn’t resist, I got mine done too!:teehee:

I would LOVE to have my nose pierced :heart: Go for it, Silver and show us a picture when it’s done! :cheering:


I have my ears pierced multiple times and one cartilage done. I had my navel pierced in college for awhile, no problems, it healed great, etc., then after about 6 months it got infected :shrug: still not sure why, and DH had to pull out the ring with pliers. :ick: Needless to say I didn’t try it again. I’m sure if I could pull off a nose ring, but I would :heart: to do it anyway! I just asked DH if I could do it and he said he would prefer not, he didn’t think it would suit me. Maybe one of these days. . .

Silver - GO FOR IT!!! And show us pictures when it’s done!!


Got my belly button done back in February 2001 (has it really been THAT long ago?)

Decided to lose 50 pounds - after the first 20 came off, I celebrated with the piercing - as a reminder to never lose touch with my body again. All 50 have come off and they stay off!

My piercer wouldn’t put a ring in. He said they become infected too easily because they get caught on clothing. So I got a bar. Also he told me to use his cleansing routine for at least 9 months. I did it faithfully every day for a year just to make sure and I’ve never had an infection.



I guess I am kind of a dork. I had my ears done twice. That was enough for me! I tried to pierce my nose myself when I was in highschool but that didn’t work out so well. I thought it looked cool then, but now, when I look at people with nose rings… um… please don’t take offense… I think they kinda look like a booger. Not the ring ones, but the little tiny diamond ones. More so when people have their upper lip, right below the nose, pierced. Can’t tell you how many times I have made that mistake. How would you blow your nose? :ick: Hmmmm… but if you want to do it, then you should go for it!! You only live once, so why not!?


I recently got into piercing out of the blue, maybe because I’m a chicken shit most of the time. I had my belly button done way back about 6 years ago, but that was out of spite and only had it in for 6 months or so.

But my resent ones include an industrial (Nov) and my tragus (May). They do take a long time to heal, my industrial is just now healed. And I have flair ups every once in a while. The tragus hurt the worst. I found that washing them in the shower with clear, unscented, antibacterial soap making sure to move the jewelry around, then spraying them with Bactine works the best for me. And I always had mine done at tattoo shops, none of those mall places.


My belly was awful!! It hurt like hell and never healed right. I think partly was my fault. I was a waitress at the time and always had that stupid apron on so it would rub.

I’ve had my tongue done three times and have never had a problem.

(Clarification, my tongue does NOT have 3 peircings…I took it out twice)


I have my nose done - I wear a tiny little flush l-shaped stud, with a bright turquoise gem in it - it’s so pretty :slight_smile:

I had some trouble afterwards cause I have an immune disorder - which meant scarring goes a little mad for me. Worked out ok for my nose, but a cartilage piercing in my ear went bad and I have a huge keloid now that’s being reduced with steroid injections. I’m not allowed to get any more cause my body reacts too badly cry

Still, there’s always more ink, huh? :wink:

Generally, I think that as long as you trust the people doing it, it’s fine - I get so, so sick of all the horror stories people come out with as reasons against piercings and tattoos, which, when you get down to it, comes from them not doing any research. If you get pierced by a guy who’s tripping out on something in a non-sterile environment, it’s your own stupid fault for letting them near you with a needle. And if you get a tattoo while you’re drunk on holiday in Tenerife, don’t start telling everyone else who thought about what to get and had it done properly that they’re making a huge mistake cause your tattoo ruined your life.

We always read these stories about how much people hate their tattoos and wish they’d never got them done, but never hear from the millions of people who are really happy with theirs. Mine all mean something to me, I knew what I wanted, and I did my research about the place to get them done - now I’m friends with my tattoo guys, and I trust them implicitly. I love my tattoos.

Sorry, that kind of went into a weird rant, forgive me lol

Fi xxx


I would love to get my nose pierced. I really wanted to when I was 18 or 19, but still living at home at the time and my dad said I couldn’t live in the house with a nose piercing:??. I figured it wasn’t worth it.

I have a tattoo now, and I have three piercings in my ears - one in my left ear, and two in my right ear. I have had one more piercing in each ear, but let them grow back. I had really long hair at the time and they kept getting infected because the hair would get stuck in the studs.:rollseyes:

I would love to pierce my nose right now, but I work with teens and one of the girls suddenly decided to get her nose pierced a few weeks ago, which has set off a trend in the whole group. No less than 6 of them now have their noses pierced. As much as I love them, I don’t think I will be getting mine done anytime soon.



go for it, Silver! :cheering::cool:

I only have my ears done (8 holes total, all lobe) but I’ve been thinking about a nose piercing for a few years now. just a tiny diamond stud.


I have three tattoos, a dragon on my ankle, two dragons intertwined on my back, and a symbol from Scandinavia on the back of my neck that is meant to bring you good fortune.

I have an industrial, a tragus, both ears pierced multiple times and both my nipples are pierced. Wow that’s weird to say for some reason. I looked but no one else had them done on this thread! Let me tell you it hurt like crazy but it’s been about 4 years and they are still pretty good. I did get a wicked infection a couple of years ago but it has been fine since.

I tried to pierce my nose once, they tried to get it through three times and it still wouldn’t go. After the third time I said, ok that’s it, forget it, it wasn’t meant to be. Ouch!