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I am [I]this close[/I] to going and having my nose pierced… and maybe getting a monroe piercing at the same time. I’ve already decided on the studio… Inksmith & Rogers, who have already inked me 4 different times and have a longstanding reputation. I’ve watched lots of piercing videos on YouTube and I feel pretty confident that I am gonna do this. But I just need more egging on. Silly, I know, especially since I have a high tolerance for pain and I’m not afraid of needles. But I’m 34 and getting facial piercings is a big step… you know?

Tell me your experiences of getting your piercing and reactions from other people.


I think getting your nose pierced would be cool. As long as you wear something small and feminine and not some huge honkin’ thing that looks like you’ve grown something horrible on your nose.

DD wants her bellybutton pierced for her 16th birthday. She wanted it this year, but I’ve bribed her with the offer of a new skateboard.

My nephew had his eyebrow pierced 3 years ago… It’s not very often you get to see a grown man cry!! (He was 27)


I used to have my nose pierced. I took all my piercings out when I turned 30. I felt like I needed to grow up a little. :slight_smile: If I were going to do any of them again it would be the nose.

Piercings are SO NOT permanent. I say go for it!


My girlfriend and I did a home piercing once. We did each others noses. We got a cork to put inside our nose so we wouldn’t go all the way through, some ice and a bottle of whisky for the pain. Let me just say don’t try this at home kids. I tried to keep it in for a year but my nose kept getting all infected so I let it close. Then I went to a shop and they did it on the other side and I’ve had it for more than 10 years now. I love my ring. It has lots of symbolism for me about connecting years of strong women together, it bonds me to my cultral heritage back to Africa, all that good warm mushy woowoo stuff. Plus I think it looks good on me.

Anyway, I’m in grad school now and I’ve been told more than once if I want to be a profesional educator then I need to loose the ring. Hey I stopped shaving my head and now they want me to get rid of the ring too :teehee: So I guess the thing to think about is do you need to have a look that shuns piercing? DO you live a life that is casual enuf for peircing? If yes, then what does the peircing mean to you? IS it fashion? personal connection with your body? blah blah blah. My ring has been in so long, I can take it out if I need to (for lets say a job interview) and put it back in. It’s a part of my identity now and I’ve seen professors on my campus with dreds and tats and stuff but it depends on the department. So I’m just going to have to negotiate that. So will you. I support any decision you make :hug: good luck


Im inked, and I want the navel peircing as well.

I say go for it. You can always remove it if you want.


I’m thinking I’ll start with a tiny stud or a small captive bead ring. Can’t decide. IF I get a Monroe, that’ll be a CZ stud. I’m not into large gauge piercings, I’ll keep them small and pretty. DH wouldn’t like anything too big either.

Grow up? What’s [I]THAT[/I] about? :?? :teehee:

Nope, I don’t have a workplace job or anything… just a knitting teacher at Joanns on the weekends. I think that’s pretty casual. My boss is a biker chick, so I’d be shocked if she said anything about my piercings. Besides, if she did, I’d sooner quit than conform. That’s how I am. And all my body mods are about [I]me[/I], not about fashion or trying to look “hot” or anything. All purely self expression.

Thanks for the nudges! Keep the stories coming everyone! :heart:


I have my nose and ears pierced. I didn’t experience any problems. I got my nose pierced for my wedding 16 yrs. ago I’m 44 and I still have my piercing because I really like it. I don’t have anything other than my nose and ears pieced. I don’t think it’s juvenile, it’s your body if your partner doesn’t mind and if it’s not going to effect your job I say do it if you want to.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja :knitting:


I have an eyebrow piercing and three tattoos. Go for it. :thumbsup:


I had my belly button pierced and it went septic and had to come out.:frowning:


I’ve thought about doing a nose piercing. DH says “it’s up to you”. My mom would freak…I’m 38 people!:rollseyes:
I’ve wondered, can you get studs that are flat against the inside of your nostril? I have a girlfriend who once told me I might not like it since I lately have had more allergy issues, runny nose etc. But with proper care, can you manage it? I wouldn’t want to rub my nose and have a stud scratch on the inside kwim?:shrug:
Is there any significance to what side you do it on R or L? like putting a flower over one ear or another, one side you are taken, the other you are single? wouldn’t want to send the wrong message.:oops:
sorry for the slight hijack Sil…this is a curious topic to me


[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]I’m going OT for a moment. Leedsfan, My birthday is Feb 24, 1965. I like to find people that share the same month as me. February babies are so cool. :cool:[/SIZE][/FONT]


I had my navel done 10 years ago, and I loved it! Wasn’t really visible, though, unless I wanted it to be. :shrug:


Of course I don’t know you and you don’t know me at all, so my opinion may not be necessary, and I say do whatever you like - but I personally find nose piercing and tongue piercing undesirable. Or I guess I mean icky. That’s just in case you want a different opinion. I guess that isn’t what you asked, so take it for what it’s worth… Have fun, whatever you decide to do!


I had my cartilage on my ear done twice, but since I wear over the ear hearing aids it kept getting very sore-- not infected, just irritated. I had to give up on that. :frowning: I kinda wanted it so the hearing aids wouldn’t be all you see. I also had my belly button- until I had a laproscopic appendectomy- then it had to come out.

Just from experience- for the initial piercing it may not hurt to spend the extra for 14kt gold or titanium. I’ve noticed that my piercing done with stainless steel took much longer to heal than the titanium did. Also, the titanium is so light you barely even know it’s there, so you have less irritation. Just my two cents… even with my 15 yr old basic ear piercings (double pierced) there are some days all I can wear is gold or titanium. I tend to be allergic to anything, so if I can wear titanium with no problem- I figure anyone can :slight_smile:
I’ve debated getting the cartilage re-done, but funny thing- I keep spending the $$ on yarn… oh well… guess I don’t have my heart set on it if the money disappears so easily!


I have a few tats but as far as holes go I have aquired enough of them already, some of which weren’t exactly my idea or planned. Those kinda hurt but ya get over it.


I say definitely go for it!! I just love tattoos and piercings, if it weren’t for money constraints, I’d have a ton more of both! I have my eyebrow, tongue, and septum…Had my lip pierced but I had to lose it due to a recurring infection :frowning: I currently have 8 tattoos as well and plan on getting PLENTY more! I’m 30 years old now and was 17 when I got my first piercing…I don’t think I’ll ever lose them, they’re too much a part of me…I’ve contemplated getting my lip done again, but, I’m a bit nervous about another infection…


I had my bellybutton pierced as part of a bet with my little sister. She said i couldn’t do it and i said i could. We went together and got it done. It’s funny, because the guy kept asking me if i’m ok (it really didn’t hurt that much). Finally i said “Why are you asking me all the time?” and he said “because tough guys come here and faint while i do the piercing” lol. I don’t think i would be getting a nose piercing, but if you like it - go for it! I’m considering tattoes, actually… My mom will lose it if she finds out…


I had my eyebrow pierced for about 3 years and took it out for a job interview (and never put it back in). Now I want to get a little nose stud. I have no idea how it’ll be taken at work. I’ve seen others with it, and I don’t think there are rules per se, but I don’t think it really fits the business dress code either :teehee:


Only my ears are pierced. I want one of those dainty little nose “studs” but my husband tells me that’s the silliest thing I’ve ever thought of doing.:grrr:


Umm… they are when they end up getting infected and you have to have it removed urgently with a pair of pliers and wire cutters. I have a rotting great scar above my navel.

Navel rings are only good if your stomach is flat and you don’t have to wear clothes on / over it for the first 6 weeks.

But go for the nose ring! I’ve been thinking of getting one myself… :smiley: