Your body piercing experience - It's DONE! PIX Pg 5!


i have to agree - i got my tragus pierced, and it hurt for, um, over a year, i believe. then i lost an earring and one of the piercings closed up - i felt to lopsided that even though it hurt so bad, i had it re-pierced. i’m never taking them out again!


i love it! it looks great on you!:cheering:

i did mine in 87 before there were piercing studios so i went to a biker tattoo shop and asked them to stick a piercing gun up my nose which they did for five bucks. i got weird looks, but ultimately they didnt care what some kid punk was gonna do.

when my friend kk bought a piercing gun, i tried and tried to get it to pierce the cartilage between my two nares, but it just bled everywhere. in a couple of years i could have gotten it done professionally, but i had given up.

i got a real job in 94 and cut off my dreds and took out my piercings. i miss it still.


:cheering:looks really good! congrats! :cheering:


It looks amazing!!! And YOU! The Sock Tutorial Goddess! You are gorgeous too!


I think it looks great on you! And you look great too!


Thank you, thank you everyone!!!

I love it, but right now, I feel like I have a big booger in my nose. :ick: :teehee:


You might actually have a bloody little booger up there. I did for a day or two after I had mine pierced. If it’s just the jewelry, fear not! You’ll get used to it in a few more days.

I’m glad you went with the receiving tube. Did he give you an option, or is that just how he does it?

PS - It looks FANTASTIC! It makes me want to get mine done again…


Thanks Meghann! :slight_smile:
It’s actually not a booger up there, it’s the jewelry. I’ve blown my nose but it’s still bugging me so I know it’s the jewelry. Besides, I’ve looked… I have a lil flashlight and mirror. lol I hope I get used to it soon.

The piercer had a pair of tongs out on his little cart so I got nervous that he was gonna use them, but he didn’t. He didn’t ask me, just used the receiving tube on his own. I was very glad he did. lol He was great… really informative and careful. I did get a little woozy afterwards cause it had been like 5 hours since my last meal and I guess my blood sugar level dropped. DH grabbed me a handful of Skittles from a candy machine and that fixed me up. Mike, the piercer, fanned me with a tray the whole time and told me to sit as long as I needed to. He was a good guy and I’ll definitely go back to him if I decide to get another hole punched in me.


Hah, I’ve been saying all weekend that I felt like I had a booger stuck to the outside of my nose, but it’s just the jewelery :rofl:

PS - there are pictures, but Dilly has them, so I’ll post some after she gets home and sends them to me.


It looks great!!!


We’re waiting… :slight_smile:


Congrats on the piercing! they really to get addictive like tattoos, at least for me.
I have 3 tattoos, 2 I love that are the figure 8’s for infinity, and 1 I hate I’m not even going to say.
I also have lots of piercings. hmmmm… both nipples, tongue, 3 ear, nose, lip, oh and belly button. all are out except the tongue and the ears. I never found the right stud for my nose, the nipples just got infected ( I have a weird reaction to my birth control where my nipples seep fluid sometimes) (was that too much info???:blush:) the lip had to come out for work, still put it in sometimes though, I love that piercing, and the belly button kept getting infected from rubbing on my pants even though I’ve had it over 15 years.
I like that piercings can go out and back in, not permanent like tattoos.


Interesting! I can’t remember any peculiar or different experience when I got my piercings. I just remember pain every piercing I had but they’re bearable tho’. And all healed nicely. I just love showing off my piercings and the nice pieces I got from a wholesaler I found online, They’ve got a wide variety to choose from at a good price although the minimum order is around 150$ or so.