Whatcha' Knitting? May, 2023

Such a pretty motif!

Thank you so much!

Your jumper is really pretty and all from no pattern as well is really cool! I love it!

Thank you. I better do with shema than written pattern.


Thanks, dont need pattern for her, worked with yarn before and know gauge and her measurements plus more important I know what she dont like. Needlepoint shema is divided with 10x10 grid and as you see on picture using markers and row counters gives me guide.
In my youth I made lot needlepoint, cross-stitch and crocheting that reading charts is no big deal to me, but if will have to explain in words how to do something, like Solmonmac Creation or GG do, i would be in pickle😅.


I love your motif!!! The color is really nice.

eta: I don’t typically use a pattern for a sweater either. I never thought of using a design as you have done. Brilliant!

Thank you, it just pop in my head reading posts and all this fabulous works. I have so nice roses chart but she will not like using few colors or busy stitches. Simple and elegant😁 is what she like and will get.
GG sometimes LESS is MORE🤗

PS I’m hurting badly, who know when will be done😔

Knowing what the recipient likes and wants makes things really special. Have you tried top down sweaters? For me it makes fitting and adjusting things as I go easier. Top down isn’t superior to bottom up, just a different way of doing things and as always it’s knitter’s choice.

Never tried that. Problem is how many to cast on lol, I dont qualify as experience knitter just someone who know how and good at math and charts😃

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They live at Switzerland cant try fittings

I suck at math. My method for determining cast on numbers is to knit a good sized piece to determine which size needles I’m going to use then hold it up to where I want it to fit. I count the stitches required and adjust for any patterning I intend to do. It actually works. When I try to use gauge and do the math - total fail.

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I love that you’re using needlepoint charts in your knitting designs. I’ve found so many beautiful charts for cross stitch or embroidery or fillet lace which I hope to use one day as knitting charts.

One project I made I used some left over yarn. Different yarn types but identical colour and by chance discovered a really nice low key effect. One yarn being quite matt and one having a sheen but the colour being pretty much identical. I ‘discovered’ this nice effect and plan on, one day, some day, trying it out on a ‘plain’ top in stockinette with a colour chart motif…
Perhaps your niece would like that effect? You could try a sample swatch to send to your niece of this rose motif you like? Same colour, all stocking stitch but with subtle design in the yarn texture/sheen.


Hello everyone, I don’t have any knitting pictures to post at the moment. I am on a mammoth finishing task: about 8 pairs of striped socks. I knitted them all for a friend, they just kept adding up. Now it’s winter here in Australia I need to sew in ALL THOSE ENDS and get them posted to her. I got some non-prescription spectacles that magnify x2 and am finding them very handy, except when I accidentally look away from my knitting and everything goes blurry!

Have enjoyed looking at all your pics and reading what you are up to. I will post a photo of all the socks when they are done.

Sarah in Australia


I love that idea!

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Got this blocked yesterday as it was a lovely sunny day https://www.ravelry.com/projects/SheenaStoneKnits/loreleis-looking-glass

I keep meaning to try some socks but I never get round to it. I think it’s the heel that puts me off, it just seems a bit scary lol

@ZKOhio Have you seen the birds chart? It’s for needlepoint but a lot of people use it for double knitting… It’s on my to do list. https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/birds-chart


Even lovlier blocked! Gorgeous scarf.

That’s a very good looking pattern with birds and quite a project for double knitting.

Thanks for pattern YarnPlease it is lovely but kinda busy for sweater im doing or better yet to who im knitting. I prefer nice stitch instead using colors, battling bad anxiety and some other health problems so anything simple or familiar it helps keep me going. Never knit using 2 or more color. It is scary even think about lol

Beautiful shawl, I just realised how fabulous my son would look in it. It’s his fav colour and I can just see him in it. I think he needs to grow into his teen years before he can pull off the man shawl look but we’re not far off!

The bird chart is lovely. I have a version saved that I keep looking at. I thought it was a vintage fillet crochet lace chart… but I am wrong about a great many things and this could be one of them.
So many things to knit!

A while ago I got some Boho Spirit in Mojo and a silvery grey, I’m planning to eventually do a double knit scarf in the birds with them… When I get my ever growing queue down!

@ZKOhio Yeah I think it would be too busy for a sweater, but a scarf works.
If you ever wanted to try two colour you could try mosaic, very simple. There’s a Helen Kennedy pattern called Always Be Brave, it’s free and a easy start if you’ve never done mosaic before.

@Creations Oh hope he does. Stephen West rocks shawls for guys


Oh please, queue decreasing? Is that even possible? I just looked at my favorites and queue and it’s frightening. I’ll be knitting for the next 70 years.