Whatcha' Knitting? May, 2023

Ah, May! What a good time to knit or crochet wherever you are. No time for spring cleaning when there are new things to make or UFOs to complete. All that lovely yarn isn’t going to knit itself.

What have you recently finished or gone back to with the best intentions to finish? or what is on your mental drawing board?

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Hi, I am pretty much brand new here. I can navigate online sites fairly well but I am learning about blogs here. Since I am here, I thought I would chime in and share a bit. I am starting two projects:

  1. ‘Textured Cardigan’ by Sarah Hatton via knitrowan.com. Lovely pattern stitches and drape.
    Instead of “Rowan Felted Tweed DK”, which has an itchy factor of 8 (on a scale of 0 -10), much to my frustration, I am using “Dream In Color”-Jilly in Lafayette on 4mm ChiaoGoo stainless steel needles.
  2. ‘Byron’ by Kim Hargreaves, in FALL 14
    Since this is for my eldest granddaughter, I am using the suggested yarns - “Rowan Felted Tweed” and “Rowan Kidsilk.”
    I had to modify needle size to 2.25mm and 2.75mm instead of suggested 3.25mm for the body stitches.
    It is a beautiful pattern, as are all of the patterns in this book. After receiving the yarn for this project, I am so glad I did not purchase it for the first sweater.

I have a question: Since my personal itchy yarn tolerance scale is 0 (cashmere, rambouilett, good quality merino),
5 (Malabrigo Dos Tierras, any good quality alpaca blend), 10 (Biches & Buches Le Petit Lambswool-ugh, Lettlopi, ).
Is there a mohair yarn or blend that would run in the 0 to 5 range?

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The Rowan kid silk is lovely and the Knit Picks Aloft is an alternative. I don’t have a problem with mohair but I can certaily appreciate that you wouldn’t want it next to your skin if you are sensitive.


I think mohair is a fabric I am going to have to just avoid, and that makes me sad. A couple of years ago I bought three skeins of Tripoli by Karabella Yarns (60% merino/40% mohair). I loved the burgundy color and merrily knit with it and learned how to do wrap and turns (hit and miss). A beautiful bandana cowl that no way in hell I can wear.
Anybody want a mohair cowl and 2 whole skeins of Biches & Buches Le Petit Lambswool for free, just pay for shipping (flat rate USPS)? Lambswool in very light green.

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Serious offer? Are you in the US?

Serious and I am in California. I can’t stand those yarns or cowl anywhere near me.

It sounds like lovely yarn. It’s too bad it bothers you. I sent you a PM.

Done the first couple of repeats of the current shawl. I like the pattern, not keen on the colours though. I’m not a fan of pastels and thought it had more black in it with colour pops when I bought it.


The pattern itself and your knitting are lovely. Look at that lifeline! So professional.

Thanks. I learned the hard way once. So now I always put lifelines in, especially on lace! I get thin 100% cotton yarn just for lifelines.
It is a really pretty pattern. It would look stunning in Mechita.


The Roadtrip is blocked now. It’s so pretty https://www.ravelry.com/projects/SheenaStoneKnits/road-trip-shawl

This pattern is lovely. I’m sure someone would love the yarn colours, personally I think the pattern is so pretty it’s kind of a shame to hide it by the colour camouflaging the stitch pattern. If that makes sense. I’d prefer it in a single colour, or one of those yarns that slowly changes from one colour to another (no idea what its called). But everyone has different taste and someone is going to find this perfect for them.

Your road trip shawl is stunning, just perfect.

Totally agree. I use mechita in Teal Feather for the roadtrip and this shawl would look great in it. A solid colour would definitely be better.
I’m not keen of the pale colours anyway, so it’s going to be handy to just get it used rather than spending forever in my stash.



Another baby blanket on the needles and working up quickly! I have to finish it this month, so I’m glad it’s going quickly! It’s is so soft and squishy. I think this yarn is new because I couldn’t find it on Ravelry (at least a few weeks ago). It’s Mary Maxim Surprise, 100% Premium Micro Acrylic, #3 weight. I’m disappointed that it’s “lay flat to dry”. That’s okay for me, but I hate to gift it with that requirement. I’d love to know if you’ve machine dried such a yarn. I’ve dried lots of acrylics. I’m thinking of testing on a hat, if I have time. It’s loosely plied, so I just have to watch that I don’t split the yarn. It’s always a mistake to let the grandma-to-be give input! She loved these colors! I like to make solid-color blankets and shop locally for the yarn.

I’m concerned about the garter stitch curl. Would CO with a larger needle help? Perhaps more border rows?

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I made a sweater for my son to wear at the Sottish Six Day Trials, a motor sport event he has tried and failed to get an entry for over a decade, and 2023 is the year he was finally accepted yay :grinning: He was wearing it here for the procession through Fort William at the start last week, the gruelling event ends today and I am very proud of him :yellow_heart::grin::clap:


That’s going to be lovely! I haven’t used this yarn but I like the shine (even if it is splitty).
Casting on with a larger needle may help depending on the cast on you use (e.g. knit or cable cast ons). Using long tail the best solution is separating the stitches as you cast on to leave a bit more distance between them.
I really like your stitch pattern here too.

He’s wearing you sweater proudly too. It’s striking and a stand out.
Good luck to your son today!

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Thank you! I used German Twisted CO. I try to space the stitches out but it was harder to do this time, perhaps because the yarn is so smooth. I think the pattern is a basic feather and fan. It’s very easy to memorize. I forgot to add that it’s

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Thank you salmonmac, I made it in his bike’s colours - as requested by him.
He (un)fortunately, lost a terrific amount of weight while in training for it between getting the entry in January and the event start. Wonderful for him but too late for me to rip back and re start in a smaller size!! He says not to worry he’ll soon grow back into it, I’ve threatened him with GBH if he allows that to happen lol :laughing: