Whatcha' Knitting? May, 2023

Ah, I wondered if the colors represented anything particular. You anticipated my question.
Maybe your son can layer under it until his weight returns to his average?

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That’s so cool! I love knits with different motifs like this (I don’t know why!)

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Thank you Shintoga :heart:
One is his trials bike’s logo while the one down the arm is just the Scottish event logo and year. For the yoke, I tried to get an off road style knobbly tyre tread pattern, it wasn’t as successful as I’d hoped but it looked OK lol


It looks great to me, definitely in keeping with the theme!


Finished this

Started this… https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/loreleis-looking-glass
Using a couple of the Martin’s Labs I got in the last sale.


Beautiful shawl that is so light and lacy. The next one is going to be so pretty too! And with sale yarn, wow.

Thanks. It would have been so much better with a solid colour though, with lace you need the stitches to be the star.

:laughing: I save up my yarn budget for months to get ready for a Martin’s Lab sale, then go wild.


Beautiful colors and knitted into a lovely shawl

I got the knives out sweater done in Navy blue

I did a thicker knit and it worked out

my completed Sweater


And handsome it is! Thank you for the link to this pattern.

That’s beautiful! I’ve had this pattern in my folder for ages. I’ve never thought of it as my thing really, but seeing it in a dark colour appeals.

I have cast on!!!
It was February the last time I was able to knit. I still have almost no mobility but I am now able to position myself in such a way as to knit laying down! I have missed it soooo much!
Luckily I had swatched, washed and blocked for this project in February because I would not be able to do this now and the gauge changed a lot with washing so it would have been a disaster if I’d taken a gamble and not checked my gauge… it could still be a disaster! Ha!

I don’t have a pattern I am using a chart from this lovely Japanese stitch book which I was gifted at xmas


It will be a long sleeve fitted undershirt for cold weather in 2 x 2 rib with a Japanese stitch chart panel. I’m using Sublime baby cashmere merino silk DK which should feel warm and soft.

Today I learned Jeny’s stretchy slipknot cast on which seems just the ticket for a stretchy ribbed top.

Three cheers to knitting needles!
Hip Hip


Great news indeed! You have persevered and I’m glad you’re back to knitting.

Thank you!

Wonderful news! I’m glad you’re progressing in your recovery. I look forward to photos. After a couple more chart repeats maybe I’ll think to post a picture of my current WIP.
This pattern using yarn from a frogged project. I believe it’s Schachenmayr Catania, a lovely purple cotton yarn; I think they call aubergine. I made the mistake of knitting a round yoke top with it and absolutely detest round yokes so, goodbye, top, hello, shawl. Oh, I modified the pattern for a garter tab cast on and 3 sections for a more Faroese style shape, and a 3 st garter border. I just like the flutterby and tulip patterns. :wink:

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Congratulations! That’s how I got started knitting laying down. Just remember to stretch flex and move around a bit from time to time. I have knitted 8 blankets 20 hats, 10 gloves 8 coats many socks and sweaters all in the span of 8 years… I can knit sitting once again and occasionally lay down just because.
Keep knitting and show us what you did! <3


Thank you @GrumpyGramma and @Auriane for your kind words and encouragement.
The pain is immense and overwhelming and I am just so glad to get the needles going, it doesn’t stop the pain but it is a very good focus for the brain and distracts in a kind of furiously meditative way.

That is just GORGEOUS! You are very talented. I have to ask, though…what is a “lifeline”??
I have been knitting for about 45 years and have never heard that term.

Lifelines are a length of yarn you put through all the stitches and leave, so if you do need to frog a bit then you can just take your needle out and then pick up the stitches on the lifeline.
It’s really handy when doing big lace shawls, if you make a mistake somewhere you can easily go back to a row you know is right.
I put lifelines on the WS at the end of a repeat.


Pain does eventually subside over time. Knitting gives you back your power. I did find some comfort in some cbd cream and rollon by active releaf which does help so much. This is made by the hemp plant too. Nature too can be kind. I can’t wait to see what you create @Creations