Whatcha' Knitting? May, 2023

So sorry for your suffering but at least now you can knit again what will give you a great joy. My prayers are with you hun.

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After a prolonged starting period I finally have my Tulips & Flutterbies shawl underway! The flutterbies are obstinate things that want to hide. Hopefully they’ll look better after blocking.


I have finally finished the Child’s Sweater with Crossover Shawl Collar.
I’m a little worried about the sizing and it really is too bad that I don’t have anyone to try it on for me so I can see it worn. But here it is…sorry the pictures are so big, I have no idea how to fix it.






That is an impressive sweater. It’s beautifully worked and the crossover collar is just as it should be. This is sure to be passed down in the family!

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Very nice sweater and your knitting is perfect.

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Thank you! It has been a bit of a pain but fun. And like I said, I wish I had someone to try it on but I don’t. My kids are too big now. Lol.

Thank you! Had a bit of rough time but got it figured out in the end.

You worked out that collar brilliantly.
Looks great.

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Thank you! When I finally got to the collar again, I took a couple deep breaths before continuing. Lol.


Absolute perfection!

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Finished this. I did an extra applied i-cord to go over one of the edges I didn’t like. Will get it blocked over the weekend


Beautiful shawl.

Thanks. The yarns went so well together.

I’ve just been going through my queue to decide what to do next, and decided on this https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/embrace-the-chill-2
I’m going to go through my stash tomorrow to work out colours.

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What a lovely graphic!

That is absolutely gorgeous!

Sorry, I didn’t see your comment.
Thank you so much!

Almost done with sweater, knitting sleeves in same time (dont need to write down increase) and length will be decided as i knitt. This project is from my head and all lenght depends of yarn left😀


I love the graceful curves of your design. It reminds me of the design on the coat that won the top prize at Maryland Sheep & Wool.

This is beautiful! I love the pattern and your knitting is gorgeous!

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Thank you Salmonmac. My niece like simple comfy stuff, that is why I just insert motiv on one side in front and on sleeves. Converted needlepoint design into purled stitches on plain knitted front and ta-da got unikat sweater for her.

Edit: spelling😅