Whatcha' Knitting? May, 2023

Ditto :rofl:

That’s gorgeous!

All done and delivered! I added a crochet edge at the top and bottom to define the peaks and valleys and flatten out the garter curl.

Although I love this yarn, I won’t use it again for a baby blanket. It snags horribly and is not machine durable. I made the beanie to test machine drying. It turned out fine. I think it just needs to be in a lingerie bag to prevent snagging.

The grandmother loves it and asked me to make a beanie for herself. I delivered it to her in the church nursery. One of the toddlers grabbed the blanket and we almost couldn’t get it back from her!

The first time I uploaded the picture, you couldn’t see the beanie. Seeing if I can resize the photo or something. I can’t figure out how to do that, so I added another photo. Wish I had a better pic of the beanie now!. And the colors look washed out in the photos



Stunning! No wonder the toddler grabbed it. I’d be tempted myself.

The crochet edging is genius. Single crochet or something fancier?

I love that stitch pattern, only ever done it once, for a mermaid theme bookmark I never finished lol but it always looks interesting.

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Thank you! Just single crochet with increases and decrease in the peaks and valleys.


It’s actually pretty easy! You should try it again!

Cool use of ripples and ridges!

Sure to be a favorite. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you! Sure wish the yarn didn’t snag easily! Not great for a baby!