Virginia Knitters


Hi fellow VA knitters! Just found this thread and thought I’d say hi! I’m in Va. Beach!!


Thank you!!


Hi, Wanda T, we’re nearly neighbors.


If there’s any northern Virginia (DC suburbs) knitters out there, I just wanted to pass along that a new LYS just opened up where I live in Centreville, VA.

It’s in the Centreville Square Shopping Center at the corner of Machen Road and St. Germain Drive (across from the library). The name is With Yarn in Front. I also recommend Sino’s Inn which is in the same shopping center if you like great Chinese food.

I’m off to check out the store now myself… :cheering:

Okay…an update - the store is really nice with lots of great yarns…Louet Gems, corn yarn, Plymouth, Baby Ull, lots of great sock yarn, Reynolds, etc. The prices are good too and the owner and others there were SUPER nice and welcoming - it’s a great addition to the NoVa yarn scene!


:waving:Hi Virginians!!! I haven’t posted on this thread in a while. I knew there were more of us. I was in Williamsburg yesterday w/my Mom for a Dr appt. Afterward we went to Knitting Sisters. Mom is not a knitter but absolutely loved it there. She said if it was closer she might actually take up knitting just to hang out there. I did practice restraint gasp! and walked away without buying anything. I put myself on a yarn diet this summer. The only thing I’ve bought this summer has been for my surprise theme swap pal.

I’m really glad to see ya’ll! We need to represent!


Hi Fellow Virginians! I am in Leesburg, In Northern VA. No LYS in my county at all. I know about the one in C-ville, but did not like it. Any others you all know of nearby?
I grew up in Roanoke, and have been to “Needle on the square” there, which is small, but nice.



Hi Becky!

I live in Centreville and can recommend from experience a store in The Plains called Hunt Country Yarns ( - Bob (the owner) is fantastic and his knitting classes are amazing. It’s my favorite LYS so far.

I’ve also heard good things about Old Town Needlecrafts in Manassas and Uniquities in Vienna, but I haven’t been to either store yet.

There’s a couple more in the area but I am not a fan of them personally - Nature’s Yarns in Fairfax and Capital Yarns in Chantilly, but then again, I really like the Centreville yarn store so far (it’s new and they are still getting stock in but the staff is so friendly).

Good luck! :hug:


I agree about Capital Yarns. They are not so great. I felt they were over priced, and not very friendly. I have not tried Hunt Country Yarns yet, or the others you mentioned. I will have to check them out.

I visited Knitting Sisters in Williamsburg over the summer. They were wonderful!! Very friendly, and helpful. I wish I lived closer to Williamsburg.

I will try the others you mentioned too. Thanks


I’ll be closer to you soon… I’m moving to West VA at the end of the month…

Hunt Country Yarn is WONDERFUL! Lovely little town too! It will be about 45 min drive, but I think I will make that every now and then… it was such a nice place, wish I had time to sit and knit while we were there.

I haven’t been to Knitter’s Cottage much cuz it’s hard to go without my kids and they have post on their site and in the store that they prefer if you don’t bring your kids. So that makes it hard for moms to go.


Hey hey VA knitters! Now this is a thread I can get into. I:

  • grew up in Winchester (or Funchester as I like to call it :mrgreen:)
  • went to college at Longwood University (smack-dab in central VA)
  • currently live sandwiched between Fairfax City and Vienna, VA not far from the metro

It is nice to know that there are other knitters around since I’m new to this and it has been super great reading that there are good yarn shops in northern VA. (Centreville isn’t far at all!)



Hi all! I am going to be in the Culpeper/Fredericksburg area for Thanksgiving from the 26th to the 30th. I am wondering if there are some nice yarn stores that I might be able to attack, um I mean visit while I am in the area? :shifty: I sure would appreciate the help!

Thank you!


Hey Debbie! Since I see that you are on Rav, check out the DC/MD/VA Fiber Arts group on there. There are several wonderful LYSs in northern VA, but I’m not intimately familiar with the ones down near Fburg. I think that group can point you in the right direction, though. :slight_smile:


I am in Bristol, WAAAAY down in the southeast corner…in fact half the town is in VA and half is in Tenn.!


I go to school at Lynchburg College in Lynchburg… good to know I’m not the only VA knitter out there :smiley:


Hey to all…I live near the Charlottesville area, about 15 miles east toward Richmond, and we have a couple of very good shops here. If y’all want the address I can send it to you and the phone number.
Great to have a place for Va. knitters. I have been knitting for about one year and love all the exciting patterns I hope to get to in the future. lol:
Virginia is a fabulous place to live!!!:muah:


I am from Spotsy/Fredericksburg and we have an AWESOME store here called The Knitter’s Cottage.

Tuesday night Knit Night if you are going to be in town then :slight_smile:


I second that! I’m from Richmond, but I stop by The Knitter’s Cottage whenever I’m in town. Very nice shop.


As long as your kiddos aren’t grabby and crazy, they don’t care. :slight_smile: She just displays a lot of her yarn at that enticingly low small kiddo height, and for other shoppper’s sake, it is nice to try to keep the hanks in tact, kwim? I take my kids in all the time, I just make sure that they sit in the rockers up front (my olders) and my youngers are in a carrier or stroller. It has never been an issue :slight_smile:


I’m not technically a VA knitter since I live in DC, but I’m a new honorary VA girl since I started taking classes as NOVA (Northern Virginia Community College) this fall :yay:

I’ve never actually been to a proper knitting/yarn shop before. I just started in late spring, and my small stash is from Michael’s. I found a couple types of yarn that are really pretty and one which I think is great quality, but the others are Red Heart. I thought my friend’s mom was just being kinda snooty when she told me it had no give to it, but now that I’m really working with it, I can see her point!

Anyway, I’m blabbering on because I’m so excited to see some nearby knitters! :muah:

We should do a road trip to all the shops you’ve mentioned! (Hey, I’m a dreamer—I don’t deal in logistics).


Hi y’all, just found this thread and am happy to see so many knitters in the area! I think a road trip to visit yarn shops would be so fun! My favorite so far is Uniquities in Vienna - Brenda (owner) is so generous with her time, she even worked with my 8yo son to help him pick yarn and taught him a new cast on for a blanket he’s knitting this winter. I’m in Reston. You can find me on Ravelry at needlewench, and my (very new) blog is Happy needling!