Virginia Knitters


Hi, needlewench! I keep hearing good things about Uniquities… I’ll have to check it out. I ended up going to Knit + Stitch = Bliss in Bethesda, MD, and they were very, very nice as well, and told me to feel free to come in with questions any time.

I’ll look you up on ravelry.

[I]Roooad triiiip![/I]


Virginia Beach area! Nice to see some local moms :slight_smile:


Hi new to this whole knitting thing… trying to help my daughter who wants to learn. I’m from Fredericksburg. Spotsy really.


I’m in Manassas. anyone close to there?


Hi, I’m a :heart: Virginia:heart: Knitter!

I grew up in Spotsylvania (still spend a lot of time there because my family and DBF’s mother are still there), knit my way through college in Charlottesville until 2009, and now live in Lorton. Occasionally I also knit on my lunchbreak at work in Rockville, MD.


Military transplant here. I live in southern Stafford county (think Falmouth). Started knitting at Christmas 2010.


Hello :heart: Virginia :heart: knitters!

Just a reminder that the Get Your Knits in Virginia Yarn Crawl starts next month (July)!

Here’s the website for the LYS’s that are participating!

Get Your Knits

[I]“This years’ Get Your Knits goodie is this super-cool and eco-friendly recycled cotton project bag! Purchase the bag at any participating yarn shop and enjoy 15% off your purchases (excluding needles, notions, and previously marked-down items) for the entire month of July!”[/I]

:heart: Virginia is for Lovers… and Knitters! :heart:


Attempting to learn down in Norfolk.


I’m new to knitting and in Richmond. Any regular get-togethers around here? I’m 50, no kids at home, and work full-time as a systems analyst. I love to learn from others and offer positive energy. :wink:


Hi fi there , just start knitting…How about you?:knitting:


I’m in Pound Virginia, close to Norton and Wise


:heart: Virginia :heart: Knitters!

In case you haven’t heard, there is a new LYS in the Fredericksburg area. Old Town Yarnery opened up on William Street over the holidays. I’ve been in a couple of times to pick up needles (Addi Turbos!). Here is their website: Old Town Yarnery

If you are in the area, drop by and support them!


Hi Ellen,
I use to live in Boones Mill, am now in Roanoke. Not exactly loving all the snow today. Just finished shoveling the car and driveway. It’s still snowing so probably have to go out again!!!


Another transplant here from Long Island. Now living in Roanoke and loving it. BUT not loving the snow right now…lol


Sorry about the double answers…


[CENTER]I used to live in Richmond, VA. I just moved to [B]Harrisonburg, VA[/B]. I don’t know anyone here, so if there’s anyone on here from Harrisonburg… let me know! :grphug: [/CENTER]


I can’t believe there aren’t any active Virginia knitters here! :frowning:


I’m still looking for some Virginia knitters!

I’m currently in Harrisonburg!


Hi! I’m Lauren from Washington DC area (About 1 hour from DC without traffic!). I am a fairly new knitter and crocheter and I absolutely love it :slight_smile:


Hey!! I’m about to be moving around the DC area! :smiley: