Virginia Knitters


Personally not a huge fan of the ones in C-ville. IMHO they are not very welcoming and warm. I have been to both with questions regarding a project and neither would answer my questions without charging me. One offered to order a specific color yarn for me (a brand they carry) and never did and the other got put out with me when I didn’t take her suggestion for yarn.
We used to have an awesome one in Gordonsville, but she closed : (


There is a wonderful one in Williamsburg called The Knitting Sisters. If you’re ever close check it out.
There is one in Lynchburg, but I don’t remember the name. I haven’t been in several years, and think it has moved since then. It had a fair amount of good stuff, but was in a very tiny shop, so it was difficult to maneuver around and see everything. I don’t know about C’ville or the other places you mentioned.


There’s one here in Roanoke called Sereknity, it’s wonderful. Very warm & inviting. You can just drop in to knit & chat if you like. I tried teaching myself to knit from a book & was having trouble- dropped in there & Brenda taught me what I needed to know.


There are several LYS in Richmond but I’ve only been to one…the ladies there were very nice, inviting me to come to their classes, etc. but I had trouble finding any yarn there that I could get cheaper than I can find on the internet. They had lots of eyelash and specialty yarns, and I was just looking for some plain ol’ basic worsted. :slight_smile:


Thanks everybody, I think next time I have the opportunity I will try the one in Roanoke - it sounds the best

I can’t imagine wanting to charge to answer questions! Not very inviting!


YAY! Winchester! I lived there for 6 mos. before we moved to WV. (I know I’m crashing this party being from WV, but I’m only 4 miles from the VA line next to Loudoun Co. in Harpers Ferry.)

I shop in Winchester all the time…don’t you just love the ‘new’ Michaels? :woot: They would build that shopping center AFTER I moved away. :wink:


Hey, I’m a knitter from Virginia!:happydance: :knitting:
What’s up everyone?!
I also do crochet for all you fans of that too!

Over and out!


I know where Glouchester is but I am about 75 miles west of you in Charlottesville area. I am new to this form, a beginning knitter - well I have knitted about 6 scarfs but have not progressed past the scarf stage :>(.

Paige AKA Sillywoman826


Hi Theresa,
We are not that far apart even though you are in WV, I live in Standardsville, just across the mountains from Harrisonburg off Rt 81. I love it here. I have a Micheals in Charlottesville & Harrisonburg, also several specialty knitting stores in Charlottesville that i visit. I am new to this group.
Paige AKA sillywoman826


Does anyone know of a good LYS in or around Harrisonburg? I’m going to Masanutten for a week in mid-February, but can’t ski this year because of bad knees. the up side of this is that I have extra money for yarn. Just need to know where to go.


The Knitting Basket on Grove near Libbie in Richmond is very nice, as is the Yarn Lounge on Cary Street in Carytown. I’ve never been to Unraveled, out at Gayton Crossing and I’ve had two less-than-pleasant experiences in Lettuce Knit at Stony Point, so I won’t be returning there. Unlike The Knitting Basket and The Yarn Lounge, Lettuce Knit gave me the distinct impression that the shop was “members only,” IYKWIM. There might be wonderful people there, but I missed them on my two visits.

ETA: It’s a bit of a drive from Richmond, but Holly Spring in Powhatan on Route 13 is also very nice!


I found the thread on VA knitters and wanted to jump in. I am in Blacksburg, VA, home of Mosaic Yarn Shop, friendliest little shop on the planet. She also sells very great yarn and has plenty of it. She is having a knitting retreat with very famous teachers in June. Check it out by visiting the website for Mosaic Yarn Shop and clicking on Purl Jam.


Hey all. I’m here in Halifax, Va. I’m new to this site and new to knitting. But loving both so far.:muah:


Hi there, escomyluv! If those are your children in your avatar, they are adorable. Stupid statement: they are adorable whether they are yours or not!!


Catinblack, thanks for the info on the LYS in Blacksburg. We VA knitters have to help each other out so we’re not TOO outdone by our neighbors to the south. Those NC knitters are something else!


Hey there, fellow VA knitters… :waving:


hi teri
I am also a Mass transplant. Im in Roanoke. Where in Mass are you from? Chelmsford is my home.



Hello, knittingfool and knit4fun. Always nice to hear from other Virginia knitters. I know there are more of us out there.


Hi everyone!

I’m in Stafford Va. I’m new to the forum and knitting.


Hi, Michelle. I’m in Gloucester, but I think there is at least one other KHer here from Stafford. I checked : MAmaDawn and gingerbread are both in Stafford.