Virginia Knitters

Anybody out there from my area? Just nosy I guess.

I’m not real close but I live in Chesapeake (Deep Creek). :waving: I’ve never been to Gloucester…just as far as the Coleman Bridge in Yorktown! :wink:

I’m at the other end of the state in Pulaski… hi :waving:

Mechanicsville Baby here…HI!!! :clink:

Hi, MzKtKat,

My son & his family live near you in Chesterfield County. Their mailing address is actually P’burg, but they’re in the county. Give me a “holler” if you ever this way.



My parental types are in Chesterfield :slight_smile:

So are my DS, DIL and 2 DGDs. My DD, SIL and other 2 DGDs are in Lynchburg, probably not TOO far from you.

I’m from the Franklin area- known for it’s particularly bad smell from the IP paper mill!! I don’t get too far these days–I have Fibromyalgia = arthritis and I’m just sore most all the time. But it’d be really nice to see some other knitters nearby!! SURELY there are more VA knitters than us!! I’m not a very prolific knitter, but I would like to knit with others some time.

My son and his wife live in Covington–is that near Pulaski, I wonder?

I’m in Stafford… it’s near Fredericksburg

I live in Smithfield. Not really middle peninsula but just thought I would chime in.

:waving: from Yorktown! Again not middle peninsula but close! I know there are more VA knitters here.

Hi, neighbors,
HollyP, Yorktown is CLOSE!! In fact, I was there yesterday in court.

In fact, I think anywhere in VA is close. Shall we change the title of this thread to VA Knitters? I don’t even know if it’s possible to do such a thing.

You can change the title by going to the first post and editing. It would be fun to see who lives in this great Commonwealth!

I’m up in the central virginia. My in-laws live towards virginia beach

This is now Virginia Knitters. Let’s see how many of us there are. We should have as many s NC does, and they have a BUNCH of VERY ACTIVE KHers.

I’m in Roanoke. Don’t really consider myself a knitter yet since I’m still learning. But figured I’d add myself to the Va list.

I’m here in Virginia Beach, hubby is stationed at Naval Station Norfolk :slight_smile:

You’re still a knitter!!! We’re all still learning something.

I new there were a lot of us on here so I will put my two cents in. Stafford here also and I have been here for about six years. A transplant from Massachuestts. The winters are a lot better here. So hi to all of the other knitters from Va. :waving::waving::waving: