Virginia Knitters


Hi, gingerbread. Your name is perfect for this time of year!!


:waving:Hey everybody! I knew there were quite a few Virginians here!


Coming home today from the doctors, I was behind a car and the plate read “Kn1ttr” :p.
I was a little dumb struck and almost follow the car. So if it is anyone here on KH Hi to ya.:waving::waving:
Yup it is a good name for this time of year, funny thing is I don’t really like gingerbread:ick:


I am also in Franklin! I’ve heard that the library has a knitting group Thurs. nights - I’m going this afternoon to ask about it.


I am in Fredericksburg!! Actually, I have a Fred addy, but I live in Spotsy.

You Stafford gals should come down to the Knitter’s Cottage on William St in downtown on Tuesday nights from 7-9–Knit Night:) Bunch of crazy knitters get together, to eat and knit:thumbsup:


Oh my yes I have been to the knitters cottage. I was very new to knitting and they were very helpful to me. I just might go knowing that some of the people are from this board. I really don’t drive at night in the winter. Never was good at it to much snow up in Mass. Which I love that it doesn’t snow that much down here. I hope to go down there after Christmas now. With all my new Christmas money.:woohoo:


I just discovered a new LYS in Tabb, VA. That’s in York County. It’s name, appropriately enough, is The Yarn Shop. I think it has bveen there a little over a year.?

And if any of y’all go to Williamsburg, be sure to visit the Knitting Sisters. Wonderful place with tons of gorgeous yarn.


I’m in the Winchester area.


Glad to know you bcj1050.


vaknitter, RunningMommy, chie96, and MamaMer, I’ve added you all to my friends list on Ravelry. I had already added the other Virginia knitters who are there. MamaMer, I don’t know how, but when I typed in MamaMer in the people search on Ravelry, it sent me to your profile. How do it know???


The Knitting Sister is great! I absolutely love every one there and they have such gorgeous yarn.
You know what I live literally 5 min away from the Yarn Shop and have never been. Is it any good? The owner scared me in her last shop so I have avoided it.


I’m in Suburbiaville in Chesterfield County. I agree with you F-burg area people, though, that the Knitting Cottage is darling! I’ve only been once, but I will definitely go back. The owner (Nancy??) could not have been more welcoming.


Welcome truble2301 Great to see you here.
I agree the Knitting Cottage is a great place.
To much going on right now in my life to get down there. It is on my wish list to get there.:roflhard:


Holly, what do you mean she scared you? She wasn’t there when I went in. A gentleman I believe to be her husband maybe was the only person working. It is not a large shop, but they had a lot of good stuff there.


Hi all! I’m in the Greater Richmond area!! I have a few friends that knit and we try to get out in public at least once every other month and knit, eat and gossip. :slight_smile:


I’m down in the Pulaski area but visit richmond regularly to pester parents :slight_smile:


That is weird! I am on there, but I haven’t had time to put much up there right now. After Christmas is my goal:teehee: And it is even doubly weirder that I actually go by a different user name there! lol

Nancy is right! She is a sweet lady, everyone there is so helpful–it is where I learned to knit:inlove:


Just thought I would introduce myself. I’m also from Virginia - Danville, which is in the south-central area just above the NC border.

Glad to meet everyone!


I t was strange to see your name!! My dgds call me Nana, too.


Julie - I am also Nana to 2 granddaughters.

Everyone - Here in Danville there are no good yarn shops. I have been to a couple in Greensboro, NC, but tell me of more. Those of you in or near Richmond, Roanoke or Lynchburg - any good ones there?

I did hear there are good ones in Charlottesville.

I travel to Norfolk quite often as my son lives there so do you know of any in that area? I did find some on Mapmuse but wonder what you think of them.