StashBuster ideas


thanx for accepting the challenge, that is quite a stashbuster!


OK, here’s a link BrookMctirre posted


2 new patterns a month :happydance:


Cute knitted stole!!! Soo fuzzy :teehee:


Stash building tips, lol. its almost like u’re asking me how to get fat: just eat. if you want to build you stash, buy yarn. :teehee: [/quote]Yeah…STUPID :doh: question!!! LOL!


OK I got a good one!

HERE is an ODDBALL SCARF pattern! Take a peek! It is really quite interesting!

Sign up for her free patterns sent weekly via email! Barbara Breitner used to be the moderator for a knitting forum called Knitting Forum accessed through Another gal is running it now, and she does a good job, too! Barbara went out on her own knitting thing.


Here is a dishcloth that you can make to bust some stash! That’s what I am doing right now with the tons of sugar n cream yarn i have accumulated :teehee:


cool dishcloth knitwit!

tiny cat hat:


army eagle dishcloth:


Must. Get. Printer. Cartridges.

That Army one is COOL! My neighbor is in the Reserves…I think his wife would like some of those.


alrighty then, your next mission is to find a pattern that busts both yarn AND beads.

smalled beaded bag:

beaded wrist warmer:

beaded lace cuff:

beaded headband: (< i :heart: this headband!)


more beaded wrist warmers:


hand like a hole wrist warmers:


So it doesn’t have beads but here are a few more patterns:


That first link (the companion headband) reminds me of the Calorimetry headband on Knitty.


USA discloth:

love cloth:

topsy turvy hearts cloth:


breast cancer awareness dishcloth:


quick and classy clutch (NOT quickie clutch–scroll to middle):


That link did not work for me :frowning:


Me either.:think:


Small Flowers to decorate just about anything: