StashBuster ideas


Maybe you could contact the designer. Otherrwise you could maybe study the gauge and figure out how many inches the hat is around compared to what a preemie hat would be, and then try to figure out how many stitches that would take.


hmmmm good idea! maybe i can get around to figure it out if i’m not too lazy like usual hehe :teehee:


double knit hat:

alright everyone, your next mission is to find something that is double knit–to eat up all of the yarn!


do you mean knit with two strands at the same time? if so, here is a pattern i have posted somewhere else in this forum that is great:[1].pdf sorry if you mean something else by knitting double :teehee:


never mind… yep its double knit :slight_smile:


Using 2 strands at once would be a good way to use up that stuff…of you can just send it to me. :happydance:


I just posted something on another post I saw on Edith Eig’s show a while back, it’s on using 2 to make a nice blended look: Adding and Blending


double knitting is basically reversible knitting. amy has a tutorial for it here:

so no, that pattern you posted is not double knitted, but its ok its still a good stash-busting project! :cheering: :slight_smile:


oopsie! sorry, my mistake! :doh: hehe but woah! i’ve never heard of knitting doubled before… sounds cool! :slight_smile:


wrist yarn holder:

kinda like your very own Goknit pouch


pretty gloves:


oh goodie, i’ve reached one thousand posts old. yay! :balloons:


:cheering: Congrats!
BTW, how about some stash BUILDING ideas for newbies?!? LOL! :teehee: I’m so jealous of everyone’s stash! :pout: I hope someday to see some malabrigo in person! :happydance:

#153 has some CRAZY knitted objects… like this one!


most of these are just plain WRONG - check it out! Scroll down to Knitting - Novelty section


Stash building tips, lol. its almost like u’re asking me how to get fat: just eat. if you want to build you stash, buy yarn. :teehee:

i can relate with the MMmm thing though, i haven’t tried it either. the one skein of alpaca that my swap pal sent me is the only “high-end” yarn i’ve ever used. :shrug:


Skully Keychain

I can’t wait to make these. They are so cute! :wink:


I like those…and skulls normally aren’t my “style”. :heart:


One of those cute cell phone caddies would be cute. I made a simple navy one for my mom with an adorable ladybug button for close. But I like ones with some fun fur on it, etc.


Found a great little mini bag for sraps, one ball wonders or handspun

The pattern link is here:


knit a square for te Virginia Tech healing blankets

here are some square patterns:

and here are the blanket details:


(challenge accepted TJ! )

Here´s a pattern for a stole/shawl that seems to need bits of “embellishment” yarn and another at the same time. Might be good for bits!