StashBuster ideas


fancy bag:




chunky cabled beanie:


beaded amulet bag:




Stashbuster Spiral Socks. These aren’t made form one skein, but have 1 row reapeats of different colors to use up all those tiny little balls.


OK OK. I thought of a StashBuster Idea! I got the pattern from To view it, you need to type in the word “KNITCUSHION” in the top right search bar, then click GO.

Below is the website “write-up” about it (in blue):

Place needles, hooks, holders and pencils in this fun KnitCushion made from simple garter-stitch bands. Pattern has knitting directions for five variations (4"-diameter x 2" high shown). Requires worsted-weight yarn and size #6 needles.

Item #: 800395
Price: $7.00
Status: In Stock


Below is a knitcushion that I made in one night, and I SIMPLY LOVE IT! :heart:

The “model” KNITCUSHION is shown is bright colors, but I wanted woodsy colors, and I had the scrap yarn for it! Yes, I save scraps, too!

I can’t give out the pattern directions here due to copyright stuff…but, the pattern has 5 versions and a wonderful story to go along with its “history”. It was worth the $7. The KNITCUSHION would make good gifts and stocking stuffers and door prizes at our knitting clubs, etc.



cool, thanx Artlady!


Irish Hiking Wrist Warmers:


toddler armwarmers:


katiebug081504’s cabled headband:

cabled clutch:

i’m challenging you all to find a stashbuster pattern with cables!


Tote bag suing three small skeins or one larger one:,2025,DIY_13993_2276426,00.html


Bunny beanie:


Little bags:


harry Bear:


Bunny beanie:

That is so cute!!!


Thanks for all those, I HAVE to try the Calorimetry, it is SOOOOOOOO me!..but better than a bandana!!! :cheering:


I agree! :heart:




Anybody? Does anyone think you could make the bunny hat into a preeemie hat? just wondering cuz it would be so cute to donate this hat to preemies!