StashBuster ideas


lovely pattern, Heather. Thank you! :muah:


sheep dishcloth:


Knitty Gritty sockette:


mae’s slippers:

(now here’s a real stash buster) three strand slippers


sweet little purse:

cosmetic bag:

amulet pouch (similar to the sweet little purse):

cabled clutch:



retro cloche stash hat:

stash-buster bag:


AWSOME job on all these patterns my dear!!! :slight_smile:


Click for [color=darkred]One Skein Cabled Gauntlets[/color] (Fingerless Gloves)


thank you :heart: .

oh, and lovely gloves jamadian


Hope I’m not double posting
A correction to the ankle socks link from the early pages is
Ankle Socks[/quote]

oh, thank you for the correction. i just noticed this, sorry :oops:


digital camera pouch:

DPN case:


stash-buster bag:
I made that this weekend, used about 4 yards of yarn, knit in about 2 yrs, perfect for watching a movie!
Now I think I’ll make a bunch for my friends b-ette party favors!


drip mug rug:

garter stitch coaster:

coaster set:






I :heart: the hearts, Thanks for the pattern!


your quite welcome. here’s more patterns for ya


one day wonder hat:


Mulderknitter, love that bag! Looks like I am just gonna have a list of To Do projects a mile long… :teehee: :happydance: :cheering:


oooops :oops: I posted a link to the wrong bag!
this is the right one. It’s teeney weeney and really only took 2 HOURS (not 2 yrs like I said in my original post :roflhard: )


teddy bear:


mini bag:

(two balls makes four bags! :cheering: )