StashBuster ideas

for the sake of the stashies, i’ve made a small list of one-skein aka “stash-buster” projects

feel free to add more that you know of

soda can holder:

Fetching (wristwarmers):


calorimetry (hat/headband):

iPod cozy:

more basic wrist warmer:

thumbless baby mitts:

amy’s headband:,2025,DIY_14141_5188405,00.html

thanks for posting this…I love these little patterns! Here’s one that I think is worth adding:


I have an angel doll on my patterns page

I also have a snake pattern on my blog, but I haven’t fully proofed it yet, so it’s only on my blog, not on the patterns page yet.

I think these little gnomes are adorable, and only take tiny bits of yarn.

Garn studios has several free patterns in their accessories collection that take a 50 gram skein of yarn or less.

Here are three:

lace shawl/capelett

alpaca wrist warmers

picot edge wrist warmers

I like to use left over washable yarn to make baby socks. Always good to have on hand when someone announces a new baby.

There are several charities that have calls out at the moment for squares for afghans. It’s a great way to try a new stitch pattern.

The patterns aren’t free, but Jean Greenhowe has many great animal and doll patterns that use small amounts of yarn. The T-rex pattern only used a small amount of yarn, but kids love it!

Great topic!
Mama Bear

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Cristy~~ I saw that cup holder on Knitty befoer~~ How cool is that??

I love the idea of having links to small projects on one page. :happydance:

Here’s a pattern for a Soap Sweater . The pattern doesn’t specify how much yarn is needed, but I doubt it would take more than one skein. :?? I think it’s a neat idea, too; having it felt as it used.

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Renna, I LOVE that soap sweater pattern! Thanks for sharing it!

[color=blue]Hi Madam! [/color] This was a good idea…to create a thread dedicated to one skein Stash Busting patterns! Will check back often!


Stash on, Sister!!!

glad you guys are liking them.

here is one for a very cute beaded head band:You Stole My Heart Headband

ArtLady: could you please post your dishcloth pattern? I didn’t get a chance to look for it

xxx Madametj :heart:

Here’s a great pattern:

chunky hip bag -

Vicke Howell’s ascot

I love the kick as-cot pattern and the soap sweater pattern! I was just telling dh the other day that I needed to knit a soap sweater of sorts for dd–it helps little wet hands hold onto the slippery soap! LOL!

Here’s another few patterns that I thought were worth mentioning…

Flowers in Bloom
Easy Going Potholder

These Gnomes are a great way to stash bust…

Knitting pattern Central had a few new mug cozies up too… but I can’t get into their site this morning… :teehee:

Cristy–I had to tell you that I LOVED the link you posted for the little knit flowers. It was really easy! I just finished a hat, and I made one and sewed it on for an embellishment.

Thanks for the idea!! :cheering:

awesome, I’m glad to hear it–I want to try to make some to embellish a hat for my dd.

Here’s one more I just thought of:
Scrunchies - you can also link to this pattern from the free patterns page here on KH!

is taking many many notes
Keep 'em coming ladies!! :hug:

I like Spun’s Spring Stashbuster: Lace Handwarmers

Sooo easy


And here I thought I’d already bookmarked every handwarmer pattern on the net! :mrgreen:


I was asked to Post the pattern for my basketweave dishcloth and am happy everyone seems to like this simple little pattern so much! I do!

[b]MicroSpun ( a sport weight yarn) by Lion Brand, double-stranded on
size US 10 ½ needle.

CO 25

Rows 1-7: K across (forms the garter ridge bottom border)
Row 8 (WS): K5, then P5 K5 to end
Row 9: (RS): K across
Rows 10-15: repeat Rows 8 & 9
Row 16 (WS): K10, P5, K10
Row 17: K across
Row 18-23: Repeat Rows 16 & 17
Row 24: Row 8
Row 25: Row 9
Rows 26-31: Repeat 8 & 9
Rows 32-37: K across (forms the garter ridge top border)
Row 38: Bind off loosely, knitwise.[/b]
NOTE: The RS is always knit across; the WS is the ‘working pattern’ row.
Stitch markers help keep track of the pattern.

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more washclothes:

ArtLady, thanks for sharing that cool pattern. I love those done up in the bright primary colors. I hope I can find yarn like that nearby. :happydance: