StashBuster ideas


one hank socks:

ETA here are some baby socks for those who luv instant results:


this one was too cut to pass up, especially since u get to used portions of three different skeins of yarn

cupcake baby hat:


ETA here are some baby socks for those who luv instant results:

I made these the other day. They were simple and so cute done up! :thumbsup:


the knitted letter/number cloth just click on the letter or number you want for your cloth.


who’s ready for some aliterations today? :happydance:

bunny baby beanie :teehee: :



Here’s a stashbusting pattern for fingerless mitts that I have used a couple of times and like a lot:

#87 hat bag socks easy baby booties felted bag very cute bunny
hope they help


book sweater:




hear are some more knits
i had flowers on the brain.


baby tube socks:


BUMP! :teehee:


There you are!! Hi Madametj! I found your thead under Patterns Central! I am going to post a note in our Year Of the Stash thread and in our Completed Projects Tally! Your thread is an important part of our Stash-Busting adventure!!

Thanks again for taking the time to set it up!!!



I found some more


I was wondering what on earth I could do with several left-over balls of pale pink, lemon, white, mint green and pale blue (there are ALOT of babies and toddlers in my life just now) - anyway, I was mooching about and came across this:


Only problem I have now is convincing the babies’ Mums that their offspring won’t end up looking like an explosion in a wool factory.

I originally posted this on General Knitting but Hilde asked me to post it here.

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Thank you ArtLady. :muah:

momwolf: thanx for the links, but i cant get them to work :pout:

limey: thanx, i’ll try that!


Sorry I fixed them so they work now :wall:


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A correction to the ankle socks link from the early pages is
Ankle Socks


iPod cozy:


I made this muff for a friend of mine’s granddaughter. She bought the fuzzy yarn, and I added the base yarn from my stash. She wanted to pay me, and I said…hmmm, you bought the yarn I could use, and I got RID of some of MY yarn…so I said…we’re even!!!

I’ll give the pattern for the pink one and you can make modifications?

Fun Fur
Worsted Weight Yarn
4 size 6 DPN needles (or what ever you feel comfortable knitting with, the six’s were tight, but doable)

using knit CO , cast on 36 stitches 2 yarns together (or any amount divisble by 6).

Knit until “muff length” or you get tired of the fun fur.

Break Fun Fur, leave worsted weight yarn

Row 1: p
Row 2: k3,p3
Row 3:k1,p1

Repeat Rows 2 & 3 until when lining is folded over it is about 1 inch less than the muff length.

This part is tricky. You want to now insert the lining into the muff, and you might have to actually take off the needles to do this, but take it slow and be patient. BUT, I just realized that if you turned the muff inside out BEFORE you started the lining, it would be MUCH easier to do…just play with it. The end result is the lining inside the muff, and live stitches are next to the CO stitches.

Now, one by one, pick up one of the CO stitches, and K the first stitch on the needle together with the CO stitch. I use the K2tog bind off method for nearly all my bind offs as it is VERY stretchy and loose.

In a rhythm it goes like this:

  1. Pick up 1 cast on stitch and put on left needle
  2. Knit CO stitch together with first stitch on left needle
  3. Repeat 1 & 2
  4. 2 stitches on right needle
  5. K 2 sts on right needle tog by placing left needle in front of both stitches and knit.
  6. Repeat 1-5 until all the way around.
  7. Break yarn, pull through loop, and tuck the tails into the muff and you are done.

Not terribly sure how “kosher” this is, but it worked for me and it was SECURE.