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MadameTJ, I LOVE that mug cozy pattern. I can’t believe I’ve never run across it before. Thank you so much! This is a fantastic thread for knitters with a short attention span like myself. I love quick projects! :happydance:






OMG!!! Fantastic thread! You guys have given me enough ideas to last until I am 90!!! (I’m less than 40 now!) :muah: :hug: So much to knit, so little time!!! Muah HA HA HA HA!!! :rofl:


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Little Drawstring Bag -

Little Stuffed Dinosaurs -

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Also a great way to use up left-over skeins is to make a Mother Bear for the Mother Bear Project.

Here’s the pattern for free:,2025,DIY_14141_4826306,00.html

This is the official website:


i got some dont know if u want them but hear we go (dont know if thats any good was a link sent to me) (think thats right)


Here’s my offering for the one-skein project list:

My Fuzzy, Furry Steering Wheel Cover, that uses less than one skein of worsted weight yarn, and one skein of furry eyelash yarn.

My Sock Yarn Wrist Warmers that uses just one skein of sock yarn.

My Feather and Fan Baby Bonnet that uses less than one skein of Caron Simply Soft.

Knitty’s On the Moon purse, to carry your “supplies” for that time of the month.

A pretty Sock Yarn Bag with beads

Houndstooth Purse

Children’s Mittens with Duplicate Stitch Detail

Leaf Pattern Armbands

Simple Adult Mittens

Thick and Plush Mittens

Funky Punky Armwarmers (colorful!)

Chunky Ribbed Hat

Fluffy Bow Hat

Lace Bonnet

Lady Cable Hat

MagKnits Pretty Banded Hat

Scallop Brim Instant Hat, using one skein of thick & thin yarn

Nice, Seaman’s Cap

Strawberry Brim Hat

Pretty Roll-Brim Hat

Jimmy’s Bulky Beanie Hat (my sons love this hat)

Yvonne’s Double Flower Cloth (my absolute FAVORITE dishcloth)

Argyle Potholder

Beautiful Lace Edging for Pillowcases

That’s all for now. I’ll add more later, when I get back from playing organ at church. :hug:


Craftiblog! (mostly crochet)
Shhh… Slip Stitch Bra
Twinkletoes Slippers
Best Friend Coin Purse
Lace Cap
Chunky Fingerless Mitts
Lace Fingerless Mitts (someone might have already posted these)
Alison’s Ankle Socks
Brenda’s Lace Socks
Cabled Ankle Socks
Eagle’s Flight Socks
Fancy Chevron Socks
Hanauma Bay Socks
Lace Heart Socks
Lacy Mock-Cable Socks
Lombard Street Socks
New Year’s Socks
Seduction Socks
Tropicana Socks
Wader’s Lace Socks
Waterloose Socks
This is only part of my sock collection. The other half has two skeins. :rofl: Enjoy!


:shock: thank u for allll of those links u guys :hug:

Teenknitter- i luv the drawstring bag!
hob- i couldnt get ur links to work :pout:
Shandeh- i luv the cabled hat!
carmabelle1191- thank u for the Craftiblog link! and its ok that the lace handwarmers were posted twice, iluv them that much :teehee:

here’s a link from hob’s cup cozy KAL:


super-cute iPod cozy posted in another thread by landolphe:


This was posted on another topic on the forums

Knitted Easter Eggs :


Here are some more as promised:

Prosthetic Breast
Felted Poppies
Flower Pin
Knitted Belt
Guitar Strap
Noro Tea Cozy
More Flowers
Bath Puff
Watch "Cozy"
Finger Puppets
Wine Bottle Cozy
Bamboo Basket
Tiny Sock Bookmarks
My Favorite Hair Scrunchie- FAST AND EASY!
Sock Yarn Cell Phone Cozy
Man’s Cotton Tie (scroll RIGHT to see pattern)
Pretty Pansies
Pretty Lacy Bookmark
Shell Edged Bookmark
Coffee Cup Cozy
Cabled Cell Phone Cozy
Tree Sweater
Dog’s Tug Toy
Alpaca Neck Warmer
Ankle Socks
Sandal Sockletts
Easy Easter Chick
Knitted Bunny
Hello Kitty
Striped Yarn Ball
Pebble Baby
Rabbit Finger Puppets
Hackey Sacks
Swirl Ball
Basic Bean Bag
Lacy Wool-Ease Scarf


ops… :oops: i lost the 1st one but hear is one day wonder hat and i totay forgot about the links for the cup cozyz i nitted one there rock but i can not seem to get my pics uploaded hmmmm oh well hope this time my link works


Here’s some from me
dog collar
key chains
watch band
Harry Bear
Coaster set
Beer cozy


I found some more
Wrist band
Ipod sock
Wrist band
Hard boiled egg bunny cover
Easter egg cover
Cable phone case
Scruffy bear


thank u all once again for the long lists of patterns! :muah:

band cuff:

cell cozy:

sleep mask: it would have to put pretty soft for me to actually put it on my eyes, but it may be worth giving a try

seat belt snuggle: honestly i dont really see the point for it, but hey, if it busts stash :shrug: