StashBuster ideas


How about a felted bracelet?



retro cloche stash hat (requires two balls of DK):


:oops:i’m sorry. try this:


awareness ribbon illusion dishcloth:


La Dentelle Belle Scarf looks alot like the “Branching Out” scarf (in fact, I had to pull up both pictures to make sure they weren’t both the same!).

Wrist yarn holder

Horseshoe lace purse


Ohhhhhh…the skull keychains there are too cute!


Evening bag

Dorm socks

Cabled cell phone case


Eskimo tube hat

Cabled leg warmers

Open-finger gloves


Shoulder warmer




This isn’t precisely a knitting project, but it could definitely be used a stashbusting project –,2025,DIY_13751_5468642,00.html


thats a gr8 tutorial, thnx!


iCutie baby top (adorable!)

Lace headband

Basic wristwarmers

PDF: Simple Lace Headband(uses about [B]10[/B] yds!)

Reusable Swiffer pad I [B]have[/B] to make one of these for our Swiffer!

Headboard Remote control caddy


top-down hat


Easy Tote

Insanely Easy EarWarmer

Periwinkle Socks

Pop Tart Cell Phone Cozy (soo cute. i even left a comment!)


Today’s challenge is to find a [B]vintage[/B] stashbuster pattern

Vintage Hat


Sorry not vintage but kinda cute

Knitted Earrings

EDIT: Awww no specific pattern yet but the creator says it is comming


Wrath of Khan shrug (gotta warn you, this is a weird one)

Lace-up Opera Gloves


Here’s a pattern for a soap sock.
It has an awareness ribbon pattern on the front, but I think other symbols and stuff could be put in it’s place. I plan to make a lot of these for fast christmas presents.


Here is a free pattern for a knitted or knitting doo-dads cushion


Oh! I have one! I’m going to try making it today.
Striped Can Cover

[SIZE=1][COLOR=Silver]Hopefully no one has posted it yet…[/COLOR][/SIZE] :shifty:

ETA: I just made it tonite and it’s felting right now. Based on what I’m seeing I suggest making it taller and maybe use smaller needles. I am using Patons classic wool. Will post pic when it’s dry.