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Not feeling well today. I think I picked up a bug over the last couple days. Achy all over, sore neck, congested, exhausted. Must be the flu. I hope I didn’t give it to my sons last night!


:thumbsup: Feel better soon!


Thanks Melanie!
I’m getting better now, and have some energy to get things done around the house again. The laundry has piled up, so I guess that’s first on the list. But I think I’ll wait until the weekend. :teehee:


Happy Belated Birthday, Sandy. Sounds like you had wonderful time with your boys. Here’s to many more years of happiness and knitting.


Thanks Brenda! I haven’t checked my KH blog in quite a while. Just too busy knitting and playing piano and teaching.


Is everyone else as busy as I am? Whew! It’s just CRAZY at my house! :help:
[li]Knitting for the Bernat Blog.[/li][li]Teaching piano lessons, and getting them all ready for our Spring recital in April.[/li][li]Practicing piano and organ music, and rehearsing with the choir for the Lent and Easter services at church.[/li][li]Trying to keep our house manageable, with clothes to wear, food to eat, and dishes to eat on.[/li][li]Staying on top of email and snail mail and bills.[/li][*]Working in the occasional date with my hubby.[/ul]I’m looking forward to resting after Easter. Crossed Fingers


Don’t count on it, Sandy, you is one busy girl~~~

Hope the performance goes extra special well, I know Easter Sunday did! :slight_smile:


I’m there with you, my friend. Life sometimes seems to be a bit overwhelming. These days knitting doesn’t help to calm my nerves. My mom always said, “God gave women all the strength.” I didn’t understand exactly what she meant until I became a wife and mother. Now I get it :figureditout: and you know what? I think that she was right all along :teehee: Hang in there, sending :pray: your way for peace.


[color="#330099"]Softball practice and Boy Scouts on Mondays.
Baseball and Soccer on Tuesday
Wednesday is Play rehearsal and choir practice
Every other Thursday is a Girl Scout night
Saturdays are currently Soccer games and practice for Baseball and Softball which later in season will be game days also.

Time to tight a knot in the end or the rope and hang on tight while we try to enjoy the ride. :thumbsup: [/COLOR]


Enjoy it Jack! I never thought I’d ever say it, but once my daughters were too old to play softball, & volleyball, and track, and dancing school, etc. (and were in two different age groups, so at times, I had to actually be two places at once), I sometimes passed the playground, and realized how much I missed all of that running around. Now, looking forward to grandchildren (human ones, not dogs & cats) to run around with! :slight_smile:


[color="#330099"]I have four children so there are three teams and can be 3 different times/places for my DW and I go get the children to.

(My apology for dangling that participial.)[/COLOR]


You win! (and I ended mine with a preposition too.) :wink:



I think he also gave us all the self-control and patience. :teehee:

I remember schedules like that when my 3 boys were little. It was INSANE! Back then, I wouldn’t have had time to knit or embroider or crochet a single stitch. The only thing craft I did was sewing…to repair tears or make Halloween costumes.

I miss the chaos too, especially since my kids were only with me part-time back then. They spent days away from me with their dad. (we were divorced) :pout: On the days my boys were with their dad, I would sleep, or try to find a new man. (I’m so glad I finally found my hubby 10 years ago.) But again, I miss the time I had with my boys. They are grown up now, and busy living their lives. No chance of grandkids yet. They are having too much fun being single.


I had to go to the hospital yesterday.

I was taking a nap, and woke up with a POUNDING heart. Weird! No pain, just rapid heart beat. And dizzy, with a numb shoulder. And every breath was a struggle.

I called my doctor, and they told me to go to the hospital. I drove myself there, praying the whole way. When I got to the emergency room, it took a while to find a parking spot. When I finally got to the check-in counter, I said, “My heart is beating very fast, and I am having trouble breathing.” They immediately took me back, put oxygen tubes in my nose, did an EKG, put a blood pressure cuff on one arm, and an iv drip on the other, as well as a pulse monitor on one finger.

All of a sudden, I was a hospital patient! Whoa!

While I was there, my heart rate went up to 175 beats per minute. And my blood pressure was 190 over something. Wild.

I was there for several hours, while they did tests, and gave me medication. At the end of my stay, a heart doctor came to talk to me. He asked how it all happened, and some questions about my medical past, and family history. (I had already answered the same questions from other nurses and doctors about 5 times that day.) Then, he said, “Sounds like classic sleep apnea.”

So, he had them give me a beta blocker, and they checked my blood pressure and heart rate one more time about an hour later. My blood pressure and heart rate were finally normal. Then, they let me go home. So, out the door I went, still feeling kinda wonky. It took a while to limp to my car, and when I got in there, I heaved a big sigh. What a day!

Next, I dropped off my prescription for heart medicine, and went home to rest. The doctor had asked me to call to schedule 4 appointments. One for a sleep study, one for an echocardiagram, one for a stress test, and a follow up with him.

The next morning, I called to set up all the appointments, then went to the bank, to the gas station, then picked up my prescriptions. After that, I came home to rest again.

Long day yesterday, and boring day of rest today. But, at least I’m not in the hospital anymore. I’m looking forward to getting my sleep apnea resolved, and having a CPAP machine to help me breathe at night. Maybe I’ll actually get a good night’s sleep for a change!


I take Lisinopril which is a little different, but still one for lowering blood pressure. I use this site for looking up side effects, etc.

Mayo Clinic and WebMD are also a trustworthy sites I think.

Hope you feel better!




I do hope you feel better, Sandy. The sleep you get with a CPAP will be a BIG improvement!!


Glad you’re better! That must’ve been scary.


Thanks, my friends. I did the sleep study today. My stress test and echocardiogram will be done tomorrow.


Sandy- I hope you are doing better. Good luck on the tests. DH had a sleep study and has a CPAP for the past year. He sleeps so much better (as do I :stuck_out_tongue: ).