Shandeh is a Bernat Blogger Now!


Here’s the finished “Pidge Podge” scarf. I just need to sew on the buttons.

And I made a pair of Bulky Slipper Socks yesterday.

And finished up a pink cabled hat this week as well.

I’m on a ROLL! :woohoo:

I’m working on some more slipper socks, and maybe another scarf. We’ll see…


I’m starting my January project for the Bernat Blog now. It’s a pullover, made with their “Alpaca” yarn. So yummy! :inlove: It’s going fast too, because the yarn is bulky.

In the midst of my knitting, I’ve also been busy with music gigs.
[li]One day, I played my keyboard for two hours in the lobby of a big skyscraper in uptown Charlotte.[/li][li]Another day, I played music for a senior citizens group at my church. (They gave me a nice, hot lunch. Yum!) :mmm:[/li][li]One evening, I played Christmas music at my hubby’s restaurant.[/li][li]I took my keyboard to my Grandma’s retirement center, and played Christmas music for two hours. They sang along with a lot of them. It was cute.[/li][li]In addition to my usual Sunday morning service organ playing, I had to perform for a big Christmas Eve service there this week.[/li][li]And this morning, I was guest organist at a different church for two services (8:20 and 11:00).[/li][li]Of course, I was busy teaching my usual 20 piano lessons every week too.[/ul]:thud: [/li]I’m so glad the Christmas season is over. Now, I can finally relax a bit. :shock:


WOW! Just reading that made me tired!!! You are one busy woman aren’t you?


Yes, I have been busy, Tracie. This has been my usual December for the past 25 years or so…because of being a church organist/pianist. It’s the reason I retired last year from my church position. But, after just 8 months off, the church begged me to come back. :roll:

But, I really need the money. And I do enjoy playing music. I just sometimes have to remind myself that my talent is a blessing from the Lord…so I should be thankful.

Anyway, here I am…overloaded with December music work again. I’m just glad that I never made it big as an entertainer. There’s no way I could handle the year-long touring schedule they have to endure. I don’t know how they do it.

I like my down time, and my “space”. There are many times that I just cut myself off from the world, and knit for several hours in my craft room. That’s why I often stay up all night knitting. It gives me the peace and energy to make it through the day.

Now that December is over, I can relax again. Bliss! cloud9

My birthday is January 7th, and I’m looking forward to celebrating that soon. Maybe I’ll talk my hubby into buying me a subscription to Creative Knitting. :thumbsup:


Well, Happy early Birthday to you!:balloons:

Creative Knitting sounds like a good gift- I have a subscription and I love that magazine. I like that they use “regular” yarn (ones you can find at a craft store rather than some obscure web site) and the patterns have sizes that are big enough for me (darn this chest!!!)

I envy your musical talent. I used to play flute and clarinet, but what I really wanted was to play piano. My siblings got to do that, not me :hair: . I did take a class in college, but what I know is pretty much what I taught myself. Now, it’s been so long…


Tracie, it’s never too late to learn piano. My oldest student is 65, and she loves her lessons! Also, if you’ve ever had piano lessons before, it only takes two months of good practice to get right back to your best playing ability. Then, you can keep going from that point. Check with your local Piano Teacher’s Guild to see who is available. Then, try out different teachers until you find the one with the right personality for you. You can do it!

I agree with you about the Creative Knitting magazine. Their patterns are simple, fun, and the yarn is easy to find. Can’t beat that! :wink: Another thing…if you hold onto the old issues, you might find some of the yarns on sale at Big Lots or Dollar Tree…then, you’ll have all you need to make a beautiful sweater for a great price!

I’m asking my hubby to get the Creative Knitting subscription, and I’ll ask my mom for a Vogue Knitting subscription. Maybe I’ll work out another knitting mag as well…we’ll see. Ha! :slight_smile:


Tonight, I will be hosting a New Year’s Eve Party in our forum. Come check it out! :woohoo:


:inlove: Love the things that you’ve knitted up and posted pics of, Sandy. Just reading your blog has made me very tired. I understand the need to knit to calm the OCD because I have the same disorder. I cannot stop counting in my head, I will count how many shades/colors are in something that I see. I wash my hands constantly and have certain rituals that must be done in a certain way. It’s exhausting have OCD, now I know where my DD gets it from. Knitting is the only thing that brings be relief, thank GOD! Addictive behaviors run in my family, I guess its in the DNA :teehee: At least I’ve chosen a healthier habit to have than my uncles. They all drank and smoked, at least I can produce something that is useful to other people.

Happy early birthday to you,
Happy ealy birthday to you,
Happy early birthday dear Sandy,
Happy early birthday to you. :muah:


Thank you, Brenda! :muah:

I’ve heard that sometimes we do OCD things in order to make sense of our life and get in control. So, we get worse when times are bad.

If mine gets too bad, I’ll pray or go for a walk, or watch something I’ve never seen before on television. Or I’ll go to the library and look for new movies and books.

Happy New Year!


My OCD must be pretty bad right now because I’m just sailing away knitting my sweater :roflhard: I have the back and two front sides done. Tonight I started on the first sleeve. I’m going to prove to myself that I can knit a garment even if it is a simple cardigan.

I have a question for you about your piano students. Have you ever worked with a child with sever ADD/Asperger’s? I have an undiagnosed student that is constantly pounding on the keyboard, nodding his head and looking all over the room instead of at the music. His mom and dad are getting frustrated when they help him with his lessons each week. Mom even video tapped me giving him a lesson yesterday to see how I do things and if she can do it any differently at home. I’m afraid that I may loose him as a student because dad feels that he is not getting his money worth. I can only do so much as a teacher, but the children need to do their part and practice. I’ve never worked with a child with this kind of challenge before. I’m thinking that there is more than just ADD/Asperger’s going on here but I’m limited to what I can say to the parents. I have the computer CD to work with him and that holds his attention, but then when we go to put it into practice at the keyboard, he just is all over the place and can’t focus. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated. I’ve even thought about telling the parents that he may do better as he gets a little older and is more mature. What do you think?


Brenda, you should trust your own judgment about that student. If it were me, I would tell them to let him take a break for a year…then see if things improve later on. Good luck!


[CENTER]:cheering: Happy Birthday Sandy! Hope you have a wonderful day! :cheering: [/CENTER]


:balloons: Hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!:balloons:



HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SANDY! Have a wonderful new birthday year!:woot:



Thank you all so much! What a treat to see all your special birthday greetings in my favorite online knitting place. :slight_smile:

My birthday has been WONDERFUL so far! :thumbsup:


HAPPY “BORN DAY”…and wishes for a marvelous, fun-filled and blessed year:pray: :hug:


:balloons: :muah: Happy Birthday!!! Sorry I’m so late…didn’t go to work today, and am just now on here. Hope it was a good one!


Thank you! My birthday was EXCELLENT! :slight_smile:

It started off kinda slow, because I had to perform organ music for a funeral. :teehee: But, after that, it got fun. I spent a few hours shopping at all the local craft stores (Michaels, AC Moore, Hobby Lobby), then had lunch and a good nap. When I woke from my nap, it was time for choir rehearsal.

When choir rehearsal was over, I went to meet my sons at Hops, so they could buy me a drink for my birthday. They thought it was so cool for me to ask them to do that. Their dad never drinks, and their grandparents don’t either. I think I got lots of points for having a drink with them! :thumbsup:

I only had one drink, and ordered an appetizer for us all to share. They paid for everything, since it was my birthday. That’s the first time they’ve ever done that before. cloud9

We talked about all kinds of things, and they hugged me over and over again. It was wonderful. :heart: :heart: :heart: It’s nice to have grown up sons to hang out with.


I’m sorry I missed it! Happy Belated Birthday, Sandy!


Thanks Jan! :muah: