Shandeh is a Bernat Blogger Now!


I bet to your husband you do still look like that. That’s how the male brain works. Didn’t you know?

Now, just to make all y’all jealous, my wife just uses a bit of hair gel to get nearly the same look.

:slight_smile: :out:


I wish my hair was straight. I guess it’s like they say…“The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.”

I don’t know exactly how many ends there were, but it FELT like 5000! :teehee: I’m working on the gusset of the feet now, so the end is in sight! I’m delivering them to the client tomorrow afternoon.

:thumbsup: Very true! I was so happy in the 80’s, because my thick, red hair was FINALLY in style! I suffered through the straight-hair 70’s, with constant frustration…trying SO hard to make my hair straight. :roll:

I think you’re right! He carries a photo of me at that age in his wallet. :teehee:


Sandy, I’m with you with the hair. Mine is so curly and wild that I have to use a flat iron on it. Occasionally, I’ll put gel in it (like Jack’s wife), and scrunch it, and people will ask if I’ve gotten a perm. I too suffered through the straight-hair 70’s. Did you sleep with your hair wrapped around frozen orange juice cans to try to make it straight? Remember “Dep Gel”? :roflhard:


I wonder what my kids(should I decide to have any) will think of MY HAIR in old photos:


Meow, depends on how old they are at the time. I think it’s a cute picture, and my children are older than you. When they saw old pictures of me, they thought I was a nerd. (and now, they KNOW i am. lolol)


I DO remember Dep Gel! Do you remember Easy Curl Hot Rollers?

They will probably think you are cool! I wish I was brave enough to make my hair that red. :heart:


I finished the stockings! :woohoo:

The customer is very pleased with them.


Those are gorgeous, Sandy!!


OMG Sandy they are terrific - I just had to see them! I have not been on KH since Sept can you beleive it? I have missed it. Hope to be back in the new year. But you know what, when I went to check out your blog here instead of routing me to the last post it went to the first, and now I know I have to go back and read your stuff from the beginning :mrgreen:. When I am not in the middle of this move.


Thank you, my friends! :muah:
I am SO glad to have them completed and handed to the customer. Now, I can move onto other knitting projects I have put to the side. :slight_smile:

:thud: Oh my gosh! What a pain!
I wonder how that happened? :think:

Good luck with your move. :hug:


Those a beautiful!!


Those stockings came out gorgeous! (You must have the patience of a saint, or Job.)

And yes, I do remember Easy Curl Hot Rollers, because while I was doing everything under the sun to get my crazy hair straight, two of my best friends were trying to get theirs curly!


Thank you both! :hug:

Yes, I am a very patient person, and also very particular about every single stitch. I think I might be a little OCD - I’m sure my hubby would agree with that statement. :teehee:


WOW! You are a true inspiration to me, Sandy. Those stockings are BEAUTIFUL! I’m sure your customer was very happy with them, I know I would be.


Thank you, Brenda! :hug:


Gorgeous stockings!!


Thanks Spikey! :slight_smile:

Now that the stockings are done, I’m doing some quick knitting with bulky yarn to make some scarves and slippers for Christmas gifts for my family.

Cast on a quick “Pidge Podge” scarf last night, using Lion Mystery yarn. It should go fast. I took a photo with my laptop webcam last night. Not as clear as my usual camera, but it worked.


That’s some pretty yarn, it looks extra soft.


Sandy, your customer looks more than happy, she looks [I]delighted![/I]

I had a friend whose Mom knit stockings for every one, each and every kid, all seven of them. It was the 70’s and they were Catholic. The big joke was that the younger the kid, the smaller the Christmas stocking.

Honestly, when it comes to knitting, a little “OCD” isn’t a bad thing.


It IS soft! Well…except for the bushy sections. Those feel like shag rug yarn - YUCK! But, it does have a nice effect when it’s knitted. :slight_smile:


:thumbsup: Exactly! I have FINALLY found something to do that takes advantage of my disability! :roflhard:

I love your new avatar, Deb. What a sweet baby! :heart: