Shandeh is a Bernat Blogger Now!


Ohhhh that is a nice shade of teal. Is it the one called Aqua at the website? I have a shawl from the Alpaca in the fuzzy ebony/charcoal in the first batch they came out with. It sheds quite a bit, but the newer colors don’t look like they would. It’s a little itchy on the back of my neck too.


Yep! It’s the “aqua” shade of Bernat alpaca.

I’ve decided to wait until January to make the Alpaca top.

I’ll be making a pink hat and scarf set this month, using Bernat Berella 4 yarn. Needed to do something quicker this month.


Hey Shandeh! Those are some handsome boys you have!


Thanks Tracie! I’m proud of them. cloud9


I LOVE that show! We never miss it!


This past Thursday, we had the roof replaced on our house. It was loud and exciting! At one point, there were about 20 men on top of our house at the same time. :teehee:

Front of House:

Back of House:

It only took them about 5 hours to complete the whole roof. Amazing!

Yesterday, our neighbor trimmed back our bushes, so now the house looks so nice. I think I’ll put some Christmas lights on the bushes now. cloud9


Looks great Shandeh! I sure am jealous…we need our house done too. I think it will have to wait- we just got new windows and a patio door. That was a big bill to swallow.


Luckily, our work was all paid for through our homeowner’s insurance. It’s been a LONG time coming. We’ve had a leak in our bedroom for the past TEN YEARS!

I’ve had health problems ever since I bought this house 13 years ago. I think a lot of it has been from the mold and mildew…because of the bad roof. I finally was able to figure out how to get the insurance people here for an estimate, wait for the check, and go through choosing a good roofing contractor.

When I was looking for a roofer, I started out by going to the Better Business Bureau website, and entering my zip code. The contractor I chose has an A+ standing with them, so I felt good about it.

I’ve asked him to recommend a good drywall person, so we can get our ceiling and walls (and possibly floor) replaced in that room. We’ll probably end up having to pay for some of the work out of our pocket. But, it HAS to be done. I’m sick of being sick all the time.

We have a mold problem in our bathroom also - around the edges of the bathtub. We want to have the tub removed, and replace that wall and put in a new tub. I don’t think we have enough insurance money for that. I’ll probably have to get them to come back for another estimate for that work.


Glad to see you with a new roof, and getting that mold problem addressed! Hopefully you won’t get sick as often.

Is this the pattern from those stockings you are making? Looked quite similar…


:cheering: Glad you got your roof replaced!

We get mildew in our bathroom, too. It’s worse during damp weather of course. I spray bleach on it to kill it, but I’m not sure if that would be hard you. It doesn’t address issues within the wall though of course.


Wish I could ship my husband there to do the work for you. That’s what he does for a living. I hope that you find a good, honest person to complete the work for you.


Crossed Fingers I’m hoping that it makes a difference. I was a lot stronger and healthier before I bought this house. The leak in the bedroom started 3 years after I moved in, so I think the problem was already there in the attic, but I didn’t know about it. When the insurance guy came here to do the estimate, he said, “Did this house pass inpection when you bought it?” Kinda scared me. :pout:

That’s it! :thumbsup:

The walls around the tub are sheetrock, and the mold does not go away with bleach. I’ve tried before, but no luck. Oh well. We’ll get it straightened out eventually.

I wish you could too! :hug:


what i found worked was Mildex… you can pick it up at walmart.

however, you may have to resort to what i did to get rid of the black mold in our office (wasn’t noticeable until i ripped up the carpet in there, it’s an addition and i think they had a leaky air conditioner in there, my allergies would go haywire in there)… i took a knife and cut that part of the sheet rock away and then patched it.


I am almost finished working on the Christmas stockings I’ve been making for a client. I’ll be SO glad when they are done. I will be meeting her on Thursday to deliver them.

I have finished all the chartwork, and now I’m weaving in the 5,000 yarn ends. :teehee:

I really HATE weaving in ends, but it’s a necessary evil. :roll:
I’ve finished two of the stockings, and am taking a break right now before doing the third.

After all those ends are woven in, I’ll gently block the chart knitted section, then work on the feet of the stockings tomorrow. Then, I’ll just have to seam up the back and they’ll be DONE! :woohoo:


5000 ends… :passedout: Reason enough never to try those… :zombie:

:teehee: They are going to be gorgeous! You’ve done a great job!



I remember finding a picture of my mother with a perm when I was about 5.I asked her why she used to have a “poodle cut”.I still tease her about the 80s despite the fact that I absolutely love 80s goth,synth and…even Madonna. She was so happy when the 80s came back.They’re selling that highlighter colored stuff all over the malls.Even the shades are back.


It FELT like 5,000 ends. I don’t know how many there actually were. When I first started weaving them in, I thought…“Oh God…this is NEVER going to end.” But, end it did, and it looks great!

You must have seen this photo. :teehee:

My husband wishes I still looked like that. :wink:


You are so cute, Sandy! You had gorgeous red 80’s hair! :wink:

I still get a perm, but you wouldn’t know it…mostly just body since my hair is straight as a stick. :doh:


:noway: 5,000 ends, WOW! I can’t wait to see them when you have them done. I’m sure they will be beautiful :inlove:


You must have seen this photo. :teehee:

I have a theory: Somewhere in the house of every person around my age and a little older, in some archival photo box or album, everyone has a version of that photo :slight_smile:

My husband wishes I still looked like that. :wink:

Oh,I think you have an excuse to look like that again.The 80s are back XD Actually, perms made a comeback too although now they exclude the bangs.

There’s even a version of “the perm” for those of more obscure taste such as myself: