Shandeh is a Bernat Blogger Now!


cloud9 I LOVE my little car! It’s so nice having safe, dependable transportation. We were very careful when choosing this car, because I had some very particular demands this time. I wanted to get it RIGHT, because I knew I would be driving it a long time.

A. Easy to get in and out of. (I have arthritis in my left knee, and I have to get in and out of the car about 5 or 6 times a day to teach piano lessons.)
B. Lightweight doors that are easy to open and close. (I can’t stand dealing with huge, heavy doors - hurts my arms and back to reach out so far to open and close them.)
C. Decent gas mileage.
D. Small, and easy to park.
E. My keyboard, amp, stands, and music bag will easily fit in the back. (I have to carry all that sometimes when playing gigs.)
F. Comfortable seats that support my back.

This little Suzuki had EVERYTHING I wanted, and some nice extras too! (CD player, roomy back seats, navigation system, nitrogen-filled tires, automatic door locks and windows, keyless entry) Now, I’m very happy, and feel kinda spoiled. It sure is a nice little car. :slight_smile:

My old car was hilariously bad. The driver’s seat was ROCKING, because the bolts holding it would constantly come loose. :teehee: The muffler was messed up, so it was LOUD. :help: The tires were out of balance and wobbly. And the stereo speakers were busted in the back. Also, I only had a cassette player. I drove that little old car for a [U]really[/U] long time, and just dealt with the issues. I was very patient…so now it’s so nice to have a car that is comfortable and safe, and pretty as well! :wink:

When I took this photo, I had put the project on lots of needles to show the size and shape of the afghan. But, when I’m working on it, I just use 2 long circulars (US Size 10 Addis - 40 inches long). I got the needles from Yarnhouse, the yarn shop I have recently knit samples for. The needles were my payment for doing the samples, so I didn’t have to pay for them. :slight_smile:


Wow! That’s an awesome payment program you are on…Bernat Blogger, free yarn…sample knitter for LYS and needles as payment! No wonder you are one BUSY KNITTING WOMAN!


It IS pretty cool, isn’t it?
I still buy yarn, though. Can’t say no when I find a good deal on yarn. :teehee:


Congrats on the new car, Sandy!! It’s really cute! Don’t you just love the new car smell? :thumbsup:

Happy Anniversary, too! :hug:


Thanks Jan! :slight_smile:
I’m loving my car still. Don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it.


Sandy, that star afghan is gorgeous! Inspires me.


Thanks Melanie! :slight_smile:

I have 20 rows left, so it will be finished soon! :cheering:


Love the new little car, you lucky lady :teehee:

The star afgan is sooooooo pretty, and I can’t wait to see that sweater that you will be knitting next.

You are one talented person, I am inspired so much by you.:muah:


Thank you, Brenda! :muah:
I still feel like I’m dreaming when I drive that car. I keep thinking that the dealership is gonna pull me over and take it back. :roflhard:


:roflhard: I’m sure they won’t send the dealership police to you. Enjoy, you deserve it!


Just finished the Bernat Star Afghan. Took a while, and I’m glad it’s done!

It was too large to block on my usual blocking pad, so I just hung it on the wall with push pins. The wall will be worked on when we get house repairs soon, so I didn’t mind doing it.


Oh Sandy, it’s stunning :inlove: You did a beautiful job!:thumbsup: I love the colors that you choose. I can’t wait to see the next Bernat project that you will be working on. I really enjoy reading that blog, it’s on my favorites page.

Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? I hope that you were able to celebrate with family.


Thanks Brenda! :slight_smile:
I made the afghan for my step-son, who requested an afghan made with red and black yarns. I hope he likes this!

I was actually sick on Thanksgiving Day, so I spent most of the day in bed asleep, drowsy from cold medicine. My hubby drove to my mom’s house to get dinner for us that night. So, at least I did get to eat some turkey and fixings. It was yummy.

I’m feeling much better now, after spending the last few days resting and knitting.

Now that the afghan is done, I’ve been able to focus on finishing up the Christmas stockings I’m making for commission.

Today, I finished all the charted knitting on one of the stockings. Now, I’m starting the charts for the second and third stockings. When I finish the charts, I’ll do the foot portion for all three at the same time, so they match exactly.

This photo shows the original stocking the client gave me to copy on the LEFT. My knitting is on the RIGHT. They match exactly! :woohoo:


Looking good Shandeh! Sorry to hear you were under the weather! But, good to know you got a little of the good eats.


WOW, those stockings are so pretty. They remind me of little Dutch people up in Pennsylvania. I’m just tickled pink that I’m able to knit socks to wear. I’m not sure that I could knit a pattern that requires me to follow a chart with different colors. That is one of my goals to learn someday, hopefully sooner than later.


Thanks Tracie! I was especially glad that I didn’t have to cook or clean up this year! :teehee:

Just dive in and try it, Brenda! I think the first time I tried intarsia was a dishcloth. Helped me learn what to do and what not to do on a small scale. It works exactly the same with larger projects.


I don’t usually talk about my kids in here, but did want to share the latest photo of me with two of my sons. Noah (on the left) is 22, Josh (on the right) is 24.


That is a great picture of you and your sons! Very handsome young men you have there.

Thanks for the endouragement on the intarsia knitting, Sandy. Tonight I’m starting on some fingerless gloves (for Rebecca) for c-mas. It’s an easy pattern that is worked on straight needles and then you seam them up. Of course, she wanted hot pink, one of her favorite colors. She is all girl~LOL!


Cameras and colors can be funny/strange.

Is the picture close to the actual yarn color or did lighting or background shift the color in the picture?

Shandeh, is it my monitor or is that teal blue really not green at all? :??

Maybe sapphire? :think:

And do you think your really fooling us with putting the “big” star afghan on the “tiny” little car of yours? :roflhard:

I like your new car and am very impressed with your star afghan even if I do tease you about it.



:teehee: SO true! My car IS tiny! But that afghan is big enough for my stepson, so I’m happy with it. The afghan actually got bigger than that after it was blocked, so it’s more like the original now…still not quite as big, because I stopped knitting with 10 rows to go. I was using larger needles than those specified in the pattern, and was afraid my afghan would be too big, so I cast off early. (Also, my hands were KILLING me by the end!) :wink:

My camera has a hard time interpreting greens. When I took photos of my green cape, it looked beige. Same with this teal yarn. It’s not showing up the way the real color looks.
Here’s the color of the yarn on the Bernat website, which shows the true color of the yarn: