Shandeh is a Bernat Blogger Now!


:happydance: :yay: :woohoo: :blooby: :waving:

are you :eyes: yet? enjoy!!!


Not crazy yet…and enjoying the ride! :cheering:


Holy Smokes! I’m beginning to think that Sunday afternoons are the ONLY time you sleep. I covet those gloves (a lot)! And the star afghan looks intriguing too. Can’t wait to see the FO.

:cheering: :yay: :cheering:


CONGRATULATIONS, Sandy! Love the Bernat Blog, I have it saved on my favorites. Your knitting is so beautiful :inlove: that you inspire me to work on more difficult projects. I can’t wait to see that star afgan all finished up. How much time do you have to spend on the Bernat knitting each week? I’m just so happy for you I could explode :teehee: Keep up the wonderful work :hug:


Thank you all for the love! :muah:
I’m really enjoying knitting for Bernat. It’s fun!

:roflhard: You’re RIGHT! I think I must sleep better on Sundays, because I know my hubby is at home to protect me. :wink: If I take a nap during the day when he is at work, I feel a little unsafe.

Hmmm…I have NO idea. :teehee:
If I’m awake, I’m knitting…and it’s usually my latest Bernat project.


Today, we picked up my new chair from the consignment store. I paid for it last week, but it was raining every day. Today was a beautiful, sunny day…so I asked my hubby to borrow my parent’s truck and pick up the chair for me.

It’s GORGEOUS! cloud9

I now have a comfortable, beautiful place to sit and knit in my craft room. This is the nicest piece of furniture I’ve ever owned. I can’t believe it’s mine! :thud:

Here I am, relaxing in my new chair. I love how the arms are tilted out, giving me room to knit.

I found a label in the chair, and it says it’s made by Southwood. I looked it up online, and found my chair. It’s called an 1847 Claw and Ball chair…a reproduction.


I envy you for your chair, it is truely very beautiful. I think I will aspire to have such a lovely chair in the future. It is a small goal but a goal all the same and highly atainable. Much better than my goal to loose 65lbs that seems quite unatainable.:roflhard:


Thank you for the compliment! I can’t believe that chair is mine. I’ve never had nice furniture before. Most of my stuff comes from thrift stores.

So, don’t lose hope! You CAN get a nice chair one day. I’ve waited for this one for most of my life. It’s nice to have something nice for a change.

I recently found out that I have a slight curvature in my spine. And since I knit so much, I really needed a chair to support my back better. I hope this one works for me! Crossed Fingers


Hi Shandeh!

I think it’s awesome that you’re a Bernat blogger now. I looked at your blog and it’s wonderful! Congratulations! :cheering:


Thanks! I’m having SO much fun knitting for that blog!

So far, I’ve finished the cape, started an afghan, and made plans to knit a beautiful sweater. FUN!


Are you going?:blooby:

Love the chair…


Yes I DID go to SAFF! It was so much fun.

Howdovely and I went together this year. She got us a hotel room, so we were able to stay on Saturday night. It was SO NICE to be there for two days instead of just one this year.

Believe it or not, I didn’t take a single photo at the festival. That’s definitely a first for me! My knee was really giving me a hard time, so I was doing the best I could to just walk around.

I did take photos of the yarn I bought there, though. :cheering:

A gorgeous 4-ply alpaca yarn. Can’t wait to work with it.

BEAUTIFUL Mountain Colors “Bearfoot” yarn.

I got a few other skeins, but they aren’t really photo-worthy.
It was a wonderful trip. :slight_smile:

I took a great class called “Writing a Pattern for Publication”, taught by Kathleen Taylor. She has been a published knitting pattern designer for over 30 years now, so she really knew what she was talking about. Now, I know the basics of how to get started if I ever want to try to write a good pattern and get it published. :thumbsup:


Sandy, I [I]thought[/I] I passed you on the the top level of McGough! This was my first year. I got there at 10 Friday night and left Saturday, so I obviously wasn’t there long enough. I kind of made up for it though with 11 skeins of yarn and 1 gorgeous braid. Wasn’t the weather [B]gorgeous [/B]on Saturday? cloud9 Much different from the rain I had been expecting all week. Next year I plan to drive down on Thursday and leave on Sunday. I was going to be going with my mom, but yet again SAFF and her art teacher convention will be on the same weekend. So now I just have to find someone else to go with. Even if I don’t, I still hope I can go for all three days. It took me four and a half hours from Raleigh. I spent more time on the road then I spent at SAFF. That just seems wrong.


Next time you see me, YELL! Or, you could just walk up and say “Hi”. :teehee:

The weather WAS nice. Brenda and I enjoyed travelling around in her little Smart car. cloud9 We had the windows down for part of the trip.


Shandeh- Beautiful yarn you got! I can’t wait to see what it morphs into! Your chair is nice as well- Sometimes I wish I had a nice stiff chair like that for when I knit. I have back issues as well, so I can empathize!


My chair is HEAVENLY! I never imagined I would ever have such a nice piece of furniture. We found it at a local consignment store for a really good price, so I couldn’t resist. I hope you find a deal like I did, my friend. :hug:

The yarn has found a home in my craft room for now. I’m sure I will make something yummy one day. I just couldn’t leave SAFF empty handed! :teehee:


I went to SAFF for the first time with a freind. We went on Saturday. It was just amazing and alot of fun. I am a fairly new knitter, so did not purchase alot of yarn this trip. I did get some spun wool/silk and a wonderful scarf pattern. It was a wonderful day and will definitely be ready next year to bring a big tote and lots of $$ to come home with lots of beautiful yarns.


Isn’t SAFF amazing?! I just love it, and MUST go there every year. :thumbsup:

The first year I went, I had no idea what to expect, and went there with just 8 dollars in my pocket. EIGHT DOLLARS!!! :roflhard:

I thought it would just be a simple show with some sheep there.

I had no idea there would yarn and roving and spinning wheels and spindles and handknit items and knitting supplies and crochet supplies and every kind of fiber art known to mankind. I was completely overwhelmed that year and went home with just 2 skeins of yarn that I found on sale for $2 a skein. I had to use the rest of my money to eat lunch.

Now, I usually take at least $100 (usually more), so I can buy some beautiful yarn.


I haven’t blogged in here in forever!

Recently, we got a new car for me. So exciting! I’ve never had a new car in my life. My last car was REALLY bad…just barely working. It was paid for a LONG time ago, and we were trying to make it last.

I was so thrilled to get my new little car. A Suzuki SX4. So cute, and so FUN to drive! :woohoo:

I’m still working on Bernat blog projects.
Finished the cape:

And now I’m working on the Bernat Star Afghan:

Next month, I’ll be making a sweater for me, using Bernat Alpaca yarn in a lovely teal blue color.

And I’m still making the Christmas stockings for a client. I’m running a little late on them, but not too bad.

Last night, was our 8th wedding anniversary, so we went out to eat at Outbacks, then came home to play with our gift. A new widescreen monitor for the main computer. Now, our view of the internet and computer games is much wider and brighter! :slight_smile:


Cute little car!!! Congrats-isn’t it exciting? I love a new car smell!
The cape looks great as does the star afghan…I do have to ask- How many needles do you use on that? I think I see a lot on the picture…