Shandeh is a Bernat Blogger Now!


Thanks Tracie! :slight_smile:
My stress test went well today. I moved the echocardiogram to another day, because I was just too tired to do it today.

My hubby has a CPAP too, and it really helps him sleep. I hope I can get one soon, because I’m tired of being tired all the time. :verysad:


keeping you in my thoughts, hope you feel better soon


Thanks Brenda!

I got my sleep study results - I have mild sleep apnea. Not that bad, but they still want me to get a test for a CPAP machine. They don’t want me to have any more episodes like I did before, with my heart racing.




Hope you get a CPAP so that you can rest better :hug:


I got the CPAP machine, and am still trying to get used to it. So far, I’ve tried two different masks. I’m only able to sleep a few hours with the machine…then I wake up because it needs to be adjusted for a better fit. Happens with both of the masks I’ve tried. My problem is that when it wakes me up, it’s impossible for me to get back to sleep. :doh:

So, I still have the same problem. Knitting most of the night, and napping in the afternoon.


I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having trouble with your mask. Sometimes it may take several tries and adjustments before one gets it exactly right. I know all about it. . . Hopefully, you will get it fitted to your specifications and needs so you can get some relief, and some decent sleep.

I’m really glad to see you online!!! It’s been a looong time since you’ve written, and I, for one, have missed your newsy, chatty



Thank you Kathleen! :hug:
for the advice…and the love. :heart:

I’ve been dealing with so many things at home. My hubby had gallbladder surgery recently, so that took a lot of my time. I was a good nurse to him, if I must say myself. He is much better now, and able to go back to work again. Now, I just need to get him (and myself) up off the sofa, so we can lose some weight. We are each about 100 pounds overweight right now. :help:

I like to go for walks, but he hates them. :roll: And it’s a drag walking by myself. My mom wants to walk with me, but I have to drive to her house to do it. I guess that’s my only option right now though, so I’ll schedule it a few days a week. Maybe it will encourage my hubby to join me when he sees me getting smaller. Crossed Fingers

We have a gym membership, but we never go. So silly for us to be paying for it and not going. I REALLY need to get my butt over there. It’s just not convenient to our house…about 15-20 minutes to drive there. Then I have to walk a [U]long[/U] way to get to the exercise room. I don’t know why they put the exercise room so far back in the building. By the time I get there, I’m already worn out! :teehee:

I usually choose to swim there instead of exercising, because the machines are so boring to me. At least with swimming, it feels like I’m having fun, you know? I’m such a kid. :doh:

I’m still knitting and blogging for Bernat yarn. SO cool getting to choose my own projects and get the yarn for free to make them! :woohoo: So far, I’ve made these things for the Bernat Blog.
A hooded cape

A star afghan for my step-son

A cabled hat for my sister-in-law

An alpaca leaf-patterned pullover

A preemie baby outfit for charity

A cotton bathroom set

And a cabled cardigan

Right now, for upcoming Bernat Blogs, I’m working on a Baby Bear Hat, and a Lacy Cardigan. And will soon be knitting some dolls as well.

In addition to the Bernat Blog, I’m also knitting some other projects. Recently, I made a baby blanket and hat for a client, using lime and chocolate yarns.

And I’ve been asked to make another Christmas stocking for the same client I made some for last year. She needs one more for her family. (Here she is with her original stocking, and the three stockings I made to match.)

And I want to knit some things for a couple yarn shops over the summer. I’m meeting with the owner of Yarnhouse this week to get some things going. And I’m going to talk to the owner of Cottage Yarn soon. It’s fun to knit things for display at the shops.

My piano students have been consistent this year. We had a good recital last month. About half of my students came, and they all did a great job.

Over the summer, a lot of my students go out of town, or just take a break from lessons. So, I’ve offered to teach them craft classes until school starts. A few of them have said that they are interested. I’m planning on teaching knitting, crochet, and embroidery. I’ll probably charge about $10 per person, plus materials. Each class will take about an hour. I think it will be fun! Maybe some of the adults will sign up too.

In other news, my oldest son just graduated from college! :cheering: He got a degree in Chemistry. He’s a smart one. :wink: Right now, he’s working as a computer programmer. He’s not sure what he wants to do next. Time will tell.

So, like I said, I’ve been busy. I’m getting sleepy just reading everything. Time for a nap.


Sorry to hear that Marvin had to have galbladder surgery, but I hope that he is feeling better. I’m sure that he had a wonderful nurse to help him back to health. I hope that you get your CPAP mask figured out and get some much needed rest. We had to start giving Rachel some Melatonin so that she could sleep at night. She couldn’t sleep and I didn’t want to give her sleeping pills. This is a natural solution and it has helped her get a good nights sleep.

Thanks for sharing all of the pictures of what you’ve made for Bernat. I love checking the Bernat Blog when I get the chance. Sounds like you have been very busy.

College graduation, wow, where does the time go? Our girls were just Confirmed in the church last Sunday. We are so proud of them. I’m keep telling myself to get those pictures posted on my blog but haven’t yet.

Good to see you back in blog land, I’ve missed you.:muah: :hug:


Thanks Brenda! :slight_smile:
I haven’t had as much time for posting in the forum, but I’ll try to do it a little more often than I have lately.


Now THAT’S the Sandy we know and love!! Full of chat and news!!!
Great hearing from you!! Thanks so much for posting!! And all those lovely pictures, too! Beautiful, beautiful work! You certainly have been busy! I know you have been a fantastic nurse! I hope your husband is back 100% to normal. I know exactly what you mean about exercise. . .I am in the same boat, unfortunately. . . You have been super busy with your music students, too. What a lovey group! And congratulations on your son’s graduation! A chip of the ‘ole block, eh? Any more news on the CPAP?
We’re all pullin’ for ya! So glad to hear from you! Hope you’ll keep us posted!:muah:



Still trying to get used to that infernal machine. :teehee: I will almost fall asleep, and the seal comes loose around my nose. And I have it as tight as I can possibly get it. :pout: Maybe I need a space helmet instead of a little mask. :roflhard:


Do you have a pattern for those beautiful c-mas stockings? I’d like to try knitting one for our nephew this christmas. Thanks!


It’s a free pattern on the internet, called Personalized Christmas Stocking from 1945. I used Knit Picks Palette yarn, because it was the only thing that knit to the right gauge, and had all the colors I needed.

The Palette yarn is a fingering-weight yarn, so give yourself plenty of time to make your stocking!


Thanks for the pattern site and the advice, Sandy. Wish me luck!


Sandy I loved reading about all your projects and looking at the gorgeous pictures of your work! And all the news, makes me feel connected. Facebook is great, but there is nothing like KnittingHelp! I have been feeling depressed and I just needed a dose of yarn craft medicine.

Good luck with the sleep - my doc ordered a sleep study for me, but if CPAP is the best they can do maybe I won’t bother.

Take care,



:thumbsup: I agree 100%! :hug:

:heart: :heart: I know exactly how you feel. Isn’t it wonderful to leave the crazy world behind, and think about happy yarn instead? :heart: :heart:

Now, don’t let my experience affect your decision. I’m just being a cantankerous old curmugeon. My husband has had a WONDERFUL experience with his CPAP. He sleeps SO much better now. I guess I just haven’t found the right face mask yet.

I went to the doctor again today, and ordered a different mask. We also talked about my pain issues. (arthritis, etc.) They have recommended that I take half a Benadryl when I go to sleep, to help me get a deeper sleep. Maybe that will help. I’m willing to try anything.


How did it go with the new mask? Hopefully, you re getting some relief! That’s wonderful that you are perservering! As you well know, if one has been told to have a sleep study, and to use a CPAP, not doing so can mean the difference between life and death.
I am so happy that you are NOT giving up! Sometimes, if it is too difficult to adapt to the use of a mask, the doctor may prescribe a mild sedative to help the patient sleep at night. You go, girl!!:cheering:


Exactly! I don’t want to wake up with a pounding heart again. For one thing, I want to live. :teehee: And for the other thing, we can’t afford any more emergency room visits. :help:
Hospital visits are expensive! :thud:

I have been forcing myself to use the machine more, hoping it will get easier to use. And I’m taking pain medication and Benadryl when I go to sleep. I’m still only sleeping about 3 or 4 hours at a time, but I’m not giving up.


Today, I taught my very first knitting lesson! :slight_smile:

Some of my piano students have been asking if I teach knitting, so I decided to give it a try. I was teaching two young girls today. One of them is one of my piano students, and she brought a friend along. It was a lot of work, but I enjoyed it!

I’ve been getting ready for the past few months, reading books, watching videos, and getting together lots of yarn and supplies.

Today I got a surprise though…the other student is left-handed! I’ve never tried left-handed knitting before, so it was quite a challenge. She has already been trying to knit left-handed, so I didn’t want to make her change. So, there I was, teaching for the very first time…and learning to knit left-handed at the same time. It was hilarious! I figured it out, though.

She did the cast on the usual way, since it was with one needle. Then, when it was time to start the knitting, she did it left-handed. I noticed that her stitches were not looking right, so I gave it a try myself. Then I realized that she had been wrapping her yarn counter-clockwise like a right handed knitter. Once she started wrapping her stitches clockwise, everything looked right.

When the lesson was over, she told her mom that I was a good teacher. cloud9 Made me happy.

This afternoon, I’ve been searching for left-handed knitting videos. I found some great ones!
[FONT=Garamond][SIZE=3]Cast on and Knit: [/SIZE][/FONT][U][FONT=Garamond][SIZE=3][COLOR=#800080][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/U]
[FONT=Garamond][SIZE=3]Cast on and Knit Continental: [/SIZE][/FONT][U][FONT=Garamond][SIZE=3][COLOR=#800080][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/U]
[FONT=Garamond][SIZE=3]Purl: [/SIZE][/FONT][U][FONT=Garamond][SIZE=3][COLOR=#800080][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/U]
[FONT=Garamond][SIZE=3]Purl Continental: [/SIZE][/FONT][U][FONT=Garamond][SIZE=3][COLOR=#800080][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/U]
[FONT=Garamond][SIZE=3]Drop Stitch Scarf: [/SIZE][/FONT][U][FONT=Garamond][SIZE=3][COLOR=#800080][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/U]
I’ve been practicing knitting left-handed all afternoon now. I have learned to cast on and knit, and have 3 rows completed so far. Now, my brain feels different! :shock: