Shandeh is a Bernat Blogger Now!


Exactly!!! I shall name it cashmere and it will be mine!!!:woot:


My toe is MUCH better - spoke to a doctor, who happens to be one of my piano students. She said it looks like I busted a capillary(? - I think that’s what she said). Anyway, she said that it will be fine in time. My toe looks great, but the base of it is still purple.

My wrist is still tingly, but not as bad as it was. I was able to knit last night! :woohoo:

I finished the back of the cape I’ve been working on, and cast on the front.


I love those thermacare things, I buy them by the case at Costco! I put them on my upper back, really helps with the pain of working on the computer at work, also when the A/C is too high they keep me warm! Glad you found 'em.



So glad you’re feeling better. (Does it affect your piano lessons too?)

Also, that cape is gorgeous!


That’s a good idea on using them as a heater! I might have to do that for choir rehearsal one night. That room is sometimes SO cold!

Thanks Melanie! :slight_smile:
I can teach just fine when my wrists hurt, so that’s a good thing.


The cape is lookin’ good Shandeh!!! :inlove:


Thanks Tracie! :slight_smile:
I’m enjoying knitting with that yarn. I used it before for a smaller project, and didn’t like it as much. I think the needles were too small for the yarn that time. This project is perfect for it, though, and the fabric of the cape is so cushy and soft! I’m really looking forward to wearing the cape in a few weeks.

By the way, the Bernat Blog (featuring me!) will be going live on Friday, October 9th! :woohoo:


:thumbsup: I will have to mark my calendar!!!


Can’t wait to see the cape finished! It’s looking really good :slight_smile:


Sorry I haven’t posted updates in a while, but I’ve been so busy…and sick too. I’ve been laying in bed with a bad back for the past two weeks, and have felt like I have the flu as well. So, I’ve been pretty miserable.

I went to the doctor about 10 days ago, and they gave me 3 prescriptions and did an xray of my back. Yesterday, I got the lab results, and it looks like I have dextroscoliosis…curvature of the spine on the right side. That explains a lot. Probably why the childbirth of my 3 boys was so difficult.

Anyway, I’ll be going to an orthopedic doctor to figure out my treatment.

In other news…I’m still busy knitting like a mad woman. Working on the cape, gloves, and Christmas stockings. I’m also starting the November Bernat Blog project. A star afghan!

So pretty. I’m using red, gray, and black yarns so I can give the afghan to my step-son. He’s been asking for a red and black afghan for a couple years now. This is cool, because I don’t have to pay for the yarn! :woohoo:

This past weekend, I took the samples I knit for Yarnhouse to the grand opening celebration. I also took my keyboard and amp, and played for a couple hours. It was fun. My back was killing me, but I had committed to playing for the grand opening, so I had to do it.

The place was PACKED! That yarn shop is very nice. Chris Wysocki is the owner, and he is an amazing guy. He speaks English and Spanish fluently, so he will be able to converse with anyone that comes to the shop. He has also hired someone to teach classes in Spanish. He’s a smart one! :thumbsup: I told him that Charlotte is his oyster, so now it’s time for him to be a pearl. :wink:

Here are the three samples I made for his shop:

Ribbed Hat from Queensland Kathmandu Chunky

Gloria Cowl from Marisol Hacho

Lacy Baby Hat & Mary Jane Booties from Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool

Everyone loved the baby hat. It was a hit! :cheering:


Beautiful items!!! I can’t wait to see the afghan!
I am sorry you are feeling poorly! I have back issues :hair: as well and can totally get how you feel! Take it easy!


Thanks Tracie! :hug:

This morning, I was working on finishing up the gloves I’m making for display at Cottage Yarn.

I decided to do a video, so I could remember how I knit the fingers in these things! :teehee:



Girl! You are sooo busy. How do you do it with your back problems? All of your FO’s came out really pretty. The little hat reminds me of a flower. :heart: :heart:

Is that star afghan knitted or crocheted?


I just rest a lot between the things I do…and the house is a WRECK!! No housework for me til this back is better.

It’s knitted. I just LOVE the pattern!


hmmm…no wonder I couldn’t find it when I went looking for it today. mystery solved! :wink:


I’m anxious to see the Bernat Blog too! :woohoo:

The marketing executive that is in charge of it has told me that it might be a few days late. But, they will be getting it going this weekend for sure. :thumbsup:

Here’s the link to it when it’s ready:


:waving: Thanks for the link! I will set this as a favorite so I can read it easy on my lunch break.


Yay!!! It’s live! :cheering: :woohoo: :cheering:
My first post should be on there this weekend.

You can read a little about me if you click the “About Us” link on that page.


I’ve added it to my fav’s and will log in as a member this weekend. I can’t wait to read all about it!:thumbsup:


Thanks Brenda! I feel like a celebrity! :hug:
But, I’m still the same old me really.

Today, my back was still giving me trouble. I had an appointment with my doctor for a recheck. She gave me a different pain prescription that should help with my back and my arthritis, without bothering my stomach so much. Here’s hoping! Crossed Fingers

I know that if I lost weight, a lot of my problems would go away. But, my pain has been so bad lately, that I haven’t been able to exercise at all. :pout: I think I might try swimming again this weekend. Sitting in the whirlpool will probably help my back. I just wish I had a new swimsuit. My old one is starting to get weird looking after all the chlorine and washings I’ve put it through. Maybe I’ll go to Walmart and see if they have any marked down from this past summer.