Shandeh is a Bernat Blogger Now!


Maybe he just needed the sustenance for the long walk home.:lol:


I agree Jan! :thumbsup:

Well, I like my little phone again. Last night, my hubby and I went to Walmart to buy him some shoes for work. While we were there, I found a little earpiece for my phone. I plugged it in on the way home, and it works great! It has a microphone built in, so it will be easy to use while I’m driving. The sound quality of my phone is MUCH better through the earpiece. :cheering:

I got the little earpiece for $13 - good deal. :wink:


LOVE using earpieces for my phone. I can’t stand to hold it! Even when I had a land line, I had to have a headset plugged into my phone so I didn’t have to hold it. I’ve recently lost my bluetooth :frowning: so now I have to buy another one. Sure enough, when I buy a new one, the old one will surface…


Of COURSE, Brenda!
You are all about the gadgets, my friend.
You’re WAY more hip than I’ll ever be.


Heh heh heh. Gotta love me some gadgets! I’m such a geek.


From Wonderland, me thinks? Is your middle name “Alice?”

Back to Cheshire England, no doubt!"



Thanks for the wonderful piano advice, Sandy. Your such a wonderful person and always so helpful. So glad that you found a gadget to go with your phone. I still haven’t figured out how to use my Bluetooth. I guess that I’m getting older and will need one of the kids to show me how to use it :roflhard:


Brenda (Howdovely), I’m looking forward to hearing your Tom-Tom again when we drive to the mountains next month! :teehee:

Jack, it might HAVE been a cheshire cat, but he wasn’t smiling at all! :wink:

Brenda (mamapaulsel), my earpiece for the phone is NOT a Bluetooth…just a simple earpiece with a microphone. It attaches to my phone with a cord. It’s VERY easy to use. :thumbsup:

A couple days ago, I got up from the computer to run and get ready to teach piano lessons. As I was getting up, I SLAMMED the edge of my right foot into the big entertainment cabinet in the living room. OUCH! :help:

Now, I have a dark purple/black toe - probably broken. So, I’ve been keeping it elevated and putting ice on it to help with the swelling. Taking ibuprofen also. What a pain! :pout:

It’s not the little toe…it’s the one beside it. I’ve been calling it the “ring” toe. :teehee:


That TomTom drives me nuts. He never has me go the right way. I ALWAYS need to know roughly how I need to go before I depend on him. Remember, he did that when you and I went to that sheep farm! ugh.

I’ve always called that toe “my ring finger toe”. LOL!!!


Oh Sandy, I’ve broken my toe twice now and it’s not fun. The only thing that you can do is tape it to the other toes to keep it straight. Plus ice and elevation. Hope that it heals fast and that you will be running circles around everyone soon.


Yes, I remember!! :roflhard:
I was like, “Just turn it OFF if you aren’t gonna listen to it!” :teehee:
You’re a TomTom REBEL!

Thanks Brenda! My toe is MUCH better now. Instead of purple, it’s now going through phases of green and yellow. :ick: I’ll be glad when it’s back to a whiter shade of pale. :wink:


There for a while, flip flops were my best friends :teehee: Now I’m back to wearing heels, tennis shoes, etc. So I guess you could say that I’m back in style :thumbsup:


I have been SO busy knitting this past week, and now my left arm and wrist are killing me! :roll: Figures. So, I took a break from knitting yesterday, and used an ice pack for my sore wrist. It’s feeling a little better today, so hopefully I can get back to knitting tonight.

Yesterday, I received the COOLEST gift from traceleighj. She sent me 4 Oddball Preemie Baby Blankets to give to my local hospital. And with the blankets, she included a Bagsmith “Little Brown Bag”. SO NEAT! :inlove:

The kit includes everything needed to knit or crochet a nice handbag - handles, yarn, button, and lining. I’m so excited about knitting mine!

Here’s a photo to show how it will look when complete:


How pretty, can’t wait to see a pic of yours once it’s finished. Give your arm plenty of time to rest. Hope it feels better soon :hug:


As you all anticipated, the black cat is back. :roll:

Today, I needed to run some errands, so I grabbed my purse, and some other things, to carry them to the car. After opening the kitchen door, I was promptly accosted by the same black cat I saw a couple weeks ago. He was demanding food again. The nerve!!

So, I made sure I pulled the door shut so he wouldn’t go into my house, then carried my stuff to the car. He must have thought I was coming out to feed him, because he quickly walked straight to the food dish I had placed outside for him on that earlier day. (Yes…I must admit I didn’t bring it back in yet.)

I rolled my eyes, and announced to him that I am NOT his owner, so he can’t expect me to feed him. I mean…REALLY…he can’t just prance back into my life and demand my servitude. Unbelievable! Reminds me of some other male interactions in my past.

This time, I wanted to snap a photo of him, so I could PROVE that he is real. Ha! See Jack? He’s not a “cheshire cat”.

Here he is defiantly claiming that he is my cat, and demanding food:

And here he is sniffing the bushes by my house, trying to charm me into thinking he’s a gentle cat.

Once again, showing his “true” nature, demanding attention and food with a wicked, cold stare.

I’m not breaking down this time. I know his game now. He’s not starving, and he hasn’t lost his way. He’s just out to take advantage of me again…MEN!!


Wow, those are Halloween Kitty eyes if I ever saw them.

BTW, how is your toe?


Awww! :frowning: I understand, but I don’t think I could NOT feed him. I hope he finds his home.


Oooo…they ARE! :shock:

My toe is MUCH better, Brenda. :hug:
Still purple at the base of the toe, but looking like normal “toe skin” everywhere else. I had a bruise up through my entire foot, actually! I really banged that thing. :help:

I think he probably lives nearby. A friend of mine on Ravelry said that if they sniff the bushes, it means they marked their territory earlier, to help them remember houses where people fed them. She told me to stand my ground and not feed him again, or he would make a habit of begging.

I haven’t knit a stitch for the past two days, because my left wrist has been just ACHING. What an awful pain! I don’t know if it’s from all the knitting I’ve been doing, or just because of the change of seasons. My arthritis usually acts up when there is rainy weather, and we’ve been having a lot of cloudy days now since the season is changing.

Since I wasn’t knitting, I got some errands taken care of. I took 8 packages to the post office, went to visit my parents to give them some leftover meat we had grilled the day before, then stopped at the bank and the grocery store on the way back home. At the grocery store, I took a look at the discount counter they have set up at the rear of the store. I found 3 boxes of Therma Care Arthritis Heat Wraps for wrists. Perfect! I grabbed all 3 boxes. :thumbsup:

I’ve never tried them before, so it took me a while to read all the instructions. (Yes, I’m one of those people that always reads every word in the instruction manuals.) :teehee:

After completely understanding all the warnings and instructions, I opened up one of the packages and hooked on the wrist wrap. Nice! and HOT! I kept it on for most of the day, occasionally checking to see if I was getting a “burn” from the heat cells, as they mentioned in the warnings. No trouble…and it felt wonderful.
It lasted all day, and made my wrist much better. It will be nice to have those for my really bad achy wrist days. :slight_smile:


I’m glad you like it. :stuck_out_tongue:
Glad your toe is doing better- I know how that goes…:teehee:
Hope your wrist is on the mend as well. I get tendonitis in my wrist sometimes and use a brace for a couple of days and I feel much better.


I hope your wrist and toe both feel better soon. Glad the heat wrap works well for you.

Seeing traceleighj’s avatar, makes it all the more poignant.

As Dori would say, “Knitting. Knitting. Knitting. What do we do? We Knit!”