New Thread for Free Pattern Links





Only one pattern so far and no picture, but here’s the link on my blog:



Thank you, Miss_Molly, love the buttons on the sleeves, so cute!


Thanks for the Rowan archive, what a library of free patterns.


Miss_Molly: Can’t get the Rowan archive to work, says ‘page not found.’ Wonder if its a location thing??? Are you an international member?


I have a few on my blog - just go to the Free Pattern link on the right side bar.


Hey guys!
I’ve become a fan of this site:

Lots of helpful knitting info. The blog has free patterns as well.


Here is a website that has free patterns and monthly giveaways:

Happy knitting!


I have a few free patterns on my blog, as well as a link to some patterns to purchase. Just click on the faces below:

:knitting: :knitting: :knitting:


Hi! Lots of free knitting patterns on my blog,

Here’s some links:




Cushion covers

and a headband

Hope you like them!


Elena Nodel has this week made the links to her free patterns more accessible.
There is a thumbnail photo and further down the page a table with links to where to download each pattern


There loads of free patterns in lots of different categories here:

Free Knitting Patterns

The baby & toddler section has loads of patterns.


These are great. I added a ton of patterns to my site over the holiday.



This pattern is easy to make. The teddy bear is so cute:




This is a knitted Candy Corn Halloween Basket.

I can not believe its already the end of the year…


I saw that pattern, it’s really cute. People should take a few minutes to see all the free patterns posted on the blog.



this one is free-free, not limited-time-free, and… “We will be having a relaxed KAL (cowlalong?) in the Nimble Knits group during the month of April. All welcome!”… which i thought others might be interested. it’s a really pretty design.