New Thread for Free Pattern Links


How pretty. Maybe a cowlalong is what I want for learning lace, I think that qualifies as lace knitting.


i was thinking the same, since that other KAL seems to have gone bust…


That smelled a bit fishy to me from the get-go but after a while I decided what the heck, go for it. I feel bad because I brought it to your attention. Anyhow, I may sign up for the cowlalong, was hoping you’d be interested.


for me, the fishy part is no acknowledgement/explaination from the mods of that site… if it was a scammy thing, then just tell me. if it wasn’t, but there was some other issue with the OP that had to be addressed, just say that without all the details, so we know. i read all the rules for the site, and it’s very nit-picky… and, not even run by somebody who knits/crochets/crafts.

anyway… don’t feel bad. my time is limited, my brain is even less available right now, but i still want to do something, so i’ll look into this new KAL. :wink:


My snark here is so limited that I needed to find a place to get away with it. I have too much respect for Amy and Sheldon to get really snarky here. There, I don’t care! I had a sig for a while that said something about not trying to convert me to the FLK heel religion. I would never consider something like that here. I’m on a lot of “Ignore This Person” lists over there I’m sure but that’s OK. If I really think I can help someone, here’s where I can. I guess that site is for my alter ego. lol


I have several free patterns on my blog, and I’ve recently added a new one: Woolly Lilies,

It’s a modular knitting pattern for either a flower- or hex-shaped motif. You can use anywhere from one to four different colors in it. It’s amazing to see the effect you get using self-striping sock yarn in a pattern like this! Hope you’ll stop by and check it out. While you’re there, you’ll find links at the top & sides of the page for more of my patterns and my shop.

Thanks for visiting and happy knitting!:knitting:


great resources - thank you for the heads-up and your generosity!


Tin Can Knits is celebrating the 12 days of Christmas with a free pattern each day. The pattern is only available for 24 hours so make sure that the option “Free” shows up after you click “Buy Now” on the Ravelry page. The link to Ravelry is given on the TCK blog.


I really like Laughing Hens free patterns page because they seem to get stuff up sooner than some of the other retailers. :inlove:


Hi! I would like to share my free crochet patterns:


I love the “Boys Afghan” I found there, but it’s knit in strips and I don’t want to have to sew things together. Can you suggest a way to join them while knitting on circular needles - maybe a type of stitch that can be used between each pattern?


The Old Yarn Image Blog for Free Knitting/Crochet Patterns.

Woolikins Wonders