New Thread for Free Pattern Links


[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]This is a new thread for Free Pattern links since the older thread had some links that were no longer available. Please, feel free to share your favorite links. :thumbsup: [/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Knitting Pattern Central[/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Free Sock Patterns[/FONT][/COLOR]


Okay, here’s a few from me…

The Daily Knitter
336 Triangle Shawl Patterns
Rectangular Shawl Patterns


Here’s a few more -

Dishcloth Boutique
Free Felted Patterns - She also has all kinds of other patterns
Patterns by Yarn Type
Vintage Patterns


I have a few hundred free knit and crochet patterns, some vintage, on my blog, Dances With Wools.

I only post stuff that I am making, have made, or are in my endless queue of to be mades. Hope you’ll visit. :waving:


I am partial to my website (always open to suggestions for features to add…):


I just saw these days ago does anyone kow where I can find the pattern???:eyes: :hair:


These are all lovely -


LOTS of links


Cute, cute, cute! Love that vintage storybook afghan! Thx 4 sharing!
BTW…I’ve got clapotis otn 2!!!
Thx again!


… both very cute!

(Be patient, they can take a while to download.)


Garnstudio has a ton of free patterns - kids and adults. Some of the patterns are in cm, so they take some conversion, but I think they also have some sort of calculator to help with that.

In the dropdown box, click the year you want and SEARCH.

In the 2001 list I found patterns I’ve bought… wish I’d known about this Rowan site!


Knitting Pattern Central is FULL of good patterns. I’ve used it for purses and household stuff.


Is there somewhere you can preview the patterns without opening the pdf?


No, Suzee, no preview that I can find… I think they want you to work for the privilege of getting the patterns! I spent a laborious half hour checking them all.


That, or you’re supposed to know which is which… lol Well I’ve got the weekend to spend going through them and see if I like any.


Here are some of mine


For those who are interested in antique knitting there are a LOT of patterns at What I’ve already noticed with a lot of these patterns is that what was old is new again.


here’s a link to 42 K and 12 C kitchen patterns, many cloths, to use up leftover yarn odds and ends:


You sock lovers may have found and bookmarked this site already, but I came across it in my surfing today. What a great site with lots of sock patterns and pictures to knit.

Check it out and happy knitting!