New Thread for Free Pattern Links


I just came across this site. You can check back thru 7 years worth of free patterns…enjoy


These are the ones I’ve got bookmarked.



:cheering: Australian shop Lincraft has a number of free patterns in their Free Projects section, available as soon as you register.

Projects include Slippers with Soul, Chemo hats, Tweed Baker Boy cap.


Australian Panda Yarns have a few free knitting patterns including an 8 Ply dog coat on their website at

Click through the Homewares Patterns / Accessories Patterns and Garment Patterns at the top.


found a great site for free patterns. I could look for days!


I just got an e-mail from Lion Brand with a link to this free sweater pattern for kids…It’s adorable! Hopefully I’ll get around to knitting this for my daughter soon…lol

[B]Hipster Sweater[/B]


Thousands of patterns, free and skill specific. Lion brand…at


The cute li’l Sackboy :cheering:


I saw some, as well. Though I think they were crochet… They were the daily craft freebie on the Martha Stewart website. They were sooo cute! Almost cute enough to make me want to have another baby–or not!
I’ll go look them up to be sure.



Whoohoo! Free French Girl pattern for a sweater that didn’t make her new book, French Girl Knits – [B]a sweater named Vienne[/B].

Lovely sweater.



I saw them on a link at Ravelry. They were call helloyarns Saartje’s Bootees. Hope this helps


Free patterns for really small knitting projects

A free pattern on how to knit gloves like the ones in the movie Coarline:

A pattern on how to knit the sweater from Coraline:

Yea…I like the Coraline movie a lot. :lol:


Here’s one that not only has free patterns and tutorials for knitting,
but also covers crocheting, hand embroidrey, counted cross stitch,
sewing, beading, and quilting.


This is the Dishcloth Boutique site now:



#36 is one of the best sites out there, sorry if you have already got this link.


Stocking Cap


Stocking Cap


Here’s some new sites

Animal sweater patterns-


I have a few free patterns on my blog; working on writing down some more. So far, I have a shawl, a pair of baby socks, and two coasters.