Never leave home without my knitting


Knitting is back to staaaaayyyy! Knitting is back to staaaaayyyyy!:woohoo: :woot:


Must get in some serious knitting therapy, I mean knitting time this week :roflhard: It’s been a very busy/crazy week with work and helping DH with a house remodle. Seems like I don’t even have time to sleep, I must schedule that in sometime :teehee: But not until I get some :knitting: :knitting: done :thumbsup:


I am going to finish Pooh and Friends tomorrow(a West Coast Oddball Baby Blanket) and work on Baby Sparkler then I am going to spend some time on the first heel flap on my first pair of socks using Silver’s tutorial.


Good luck on your socks, Rhonda! Socks are addictive, once I start a pair I end up making several. My family loves the hand knit socks the best.


I want to make socks as my next project after I finish my beanie… Any advice for a novice knitter with socks?


Silver’s Sock Tutorial. Step by step online instructions. Also, for me I prefer the wooden or bamboo needles as they are not as slippery. Good luck with uyour first try. Mine are in my basket temporarily as I am getting my classrooom ready for the start of school and I am using my knitting time to finish charity knitting projects.


That’s a great site to learn from. I would also recommend taking a sock knitting class at your LYS. That’s how I learned to knit socks and now I can teach my DD’s (who btw are both into knitting :woohoo: :woot: ) to knit them also. Good luck to both of you with your socks.

We just got home from Austin, TX where we visited my Great Aunt. Of course we had to take in two knitting shops while we were there. Good thing that DH gets paid this week b/c we found some yarn that we just had to bring home with us :teehee: One DD is knitting hats for the men in the family for c-mas and the other DD is working on a scarf for herself. I’m trying to finish my camisole. It’s been fun having my 2DD to knit with.


[QUOTE=mamapaulsel;1297512]That’s a great site to learn from. I would also recommend taking a sock knitting class at your LYS. That’s how I learned to knit socks and now I can teach my DD’s (who btw are both into knitting :woohoo: :woot: ) to knit them also.

There is NO LYS in my area. A LYS trip to my knowledge would mean a trip into the DFW metroplex or OKC… I have never been to a real LYS.:waah:


OMGosh, Rhonda, that is sad. Do you order yarn online? Sometimes it is worth the trip out of town just to experience what a LYS has to offer. I go into overload when I see all the pretty colors and the feel of all the different fibers :teehee: One of these days you’ll have to make a weekend of it and try out some LYS, they’re wonderful.


i learned by using the yarn harlot’s basic sock pattern from Knitting Rules!


There used to be one when my husband first moved here over on 9th street called the Yarn Pallette but it closed before I got to move up here from Commerce in NE TX. The sign is still there 4+ years later and I sigh each time I pass it. I hope that with the increase in popularity of the fiber arts once again that someone will open one up again. I wanted to go to one while i was down in Dallas for conference but was so tired that I wanted to get on home to the 'Falls.


Oh, that’s a good one too. Thanks for sharing!


I don’t blame you, conferences can be taxing on the body and brain. But just think of all the money you are saving by not going into a LYS :teehee: After this past weekend, and now having three knitters in the house, DH is glad that I don’t go to our LYS that often. Mostly I stick to Hobby Lobby and Michaels but every once in a while I get an itch that needs a LYS to make it go away :thumbsup: Do you have a Tuesday Morning? I’ve found some good quality yarn there at a fair price, but you have to really pick through and hit it at the right time.


I have one strap and the right front, plus second strap to finish and them my camisole will be compete :happydance: I love the feeling of being so close to finishing a project that you just can’t stop yourself and have to keep :knitting: until it is completed. The excitement is almost too much for me :teehee: Watch for pics soon!


No Tuesday Morning here and I usually stick to Hobby Lobby and Michaels as well. I have shopped online but not made any purchases yet.


Would you be willing to check your Tuesday Morning for 2 different yarns for me? If so, I will send you the info about the yarns.


One of these days I’m going to order from Knit Picks, they seem to have yarn for a reasonable price. I just like to see and feel what I am buying before I make a purchase. One of these days you’ll have to set aside some time for a road trip to a LYS. Just think of the experience and what a way to spend a weekend.


What kind of yarn are you looking for? We have sooooo many Tuesday Mornings here in Houston but I guess if I was out and about I could always check for you.


:woohoo: My camisole is finished and blocked. Although there are mistakes in this one I plan on knitting another one. I love the pattern and want to perfect it. Here are some pictures of the finished product.


THAT IS SOOOOOOO CUTE!:yay: congrats on finishing it!:woot: