Never leave home without my knitting

I am currently working on a scarf for myself. One of the patterns and yarns that I got on our last trip to some LYS near Austin, TX. Can’t wait to get working on it.

Wow it’s beautiful!!

Great work! Be sure to share it in the “Whatcha Knitting” forum, so others in the forum will see it.

I need two each of the following:
eden silk Color 06 Rust Lot #6122
araucania Color 16 Pomaire Multi no Lot number

I will be happy to pay for these and any incidentals such as postage. Just let me know.


I’ll write these down and keep a look out for them when I go into Tuesday Morning, but I can’t promise that they will have what your looking for. It’s a hit and miss kind of thing. Keep your fingers crossed that we find what your looking for. Have you tried anyone on Raverly? Someone there might have what you are looking for too.

Thanks for trying to find them, I know that it is hit or miss and it has been miss in the north part of the Atlanta area. I did try on Raverly but there were no responses. The few I found in stashes were ones that the owner wanted to keep. Thanks for the ideas.

No problem, I hope that we can find them for you. How about trying Knitting Help and E-Bay. You never know what’s out there until you start looking. Good luck!

I’m over half done with my Christmas knitting :woohoo: I decided to take the easy way out and just knit roll bottom hats for the guys out of Malabrigo yarn. That way they have them for hunting this fall and winter. Besides that’s when they do most of their camping is in the winter here in Texas. Since I have a nephew getting married on October 23rd I’ve decedied that the throw that I am working on for MIL would be the perfect wedding gift for him and his bride. So now I’m going to knit a Fern and Pebble scarf in deep marroon for MIL for C-mas. That way all of the men get hats and the women get scarves. Both girls are working on their own knitting projects and I am sooo proud of them. They are quite good at it too :thumbsup: Must be a chip off the old block:teehee: Becca is working on a scarf for herself out of baby chunky alpaca and a hat on circs to go with it. Rachel worked on a hat for me to help with the c-mas knitting and is now working on a fern and pebble scarf for me for c-mas. It is looking beautiful, she is doing great and picking it up fast. She is a quick learner and has that ability to think 3D, so she’s a natural.

School is in full swing for us as well as swimming for Rachel. We have her at one of the top swim clubs here in Houston working on her strokes and endurance. Then in December she can try out for the USA swim team that they have there. She is really looking forward to that. Rebecca can’t wait for softball to begin in the spring. But for now we begin Homeschool co-op this Friday where they will be taking calsses in: Art Appreciation/Art History; Cake Decorating; Writers Workshop, and Speech/Debate. It should be a lot of fun and a chance for them to get to know other homeschoolers.

Off to bed, it’s been a long couple of weeks without a day off. I need as much rest as I can fit into my schedule. This was a lot easer a few years ago when I was younger :roflhard:

The week long nanny jobs are finally over with :woohoo: :woot: It was a long haul and a lot of work but it wasn’t so bad. Now maybe DD’s and I can get back into a regular routine with homeschool, etc. This weekend I taught Rachel how to knit socks. She is a natural at knitting. I better be careful or she’ll be out knittting me soon :teehee: We had a fun weekend of listening to books on tape, watching “Cake Boss” and knitting, just me and my girls :thumbsup:

Week long! That’s a long babysitting job. :lol:

That’s nice that your daughter is loving knitting so much!

Week long because the mom went to Fiji for a vacation. Must be nice! I was sole guardian while she was gone for her 3 year old. Luckily she was very well behaved the whole week. But it was a toll on me and my family. DH doesn’t want me to committ to something like that again.

My new avatar is a pic of me and my girls. From left to right is Rebecca (15), Rachel (13) and me (?):roflhard: We were at a MN Twins game in Arlington, TX when they played the TX Rangers. We are die hard Twins fans so it was a treat to be able to see our team play. This is one of my favorite pictures of me and my beautiful daughters. I am so very proud of them.

That’s a very nice picture! :thumbsup:

Awesome pic! It sounds like you had fun! Who won?

Thanks for the nice compliment. The Rangers won the game but we won the division title :woot: I can’t wait to see the Twins play in the the race for the penant. I just wish that we lived closer so that I could buy some MN Twins merchandise. My T-Shrits are starting to show some wear and tear from wearing them so much:teehee:

Hi Brenda! Haven’t been here in awhile. I had about 4 pages to catch up. I’m so glad your daughters love to knit! Both of mine have learned to knit, but only one of them actually enjoys it. The younger one learned just so she could say that she did. (and the rat learned from one of her friends!!!) My older daughter learned from me, and is about to “embark” on her first scarf. They’re 23 and 27 years old, but you know what they say…better late than never!

Also, I love your new avatar! Your girls are both so grown up! You all look wonderful.

Thanks to all of you for the lovely comments about my new avatar. It is one of my favorite pictures and is the screen saver on my lap top at home. I am very proud of my beautiful girls and they are growing up very fast, too fast in my opinion.

I haven’t had enough time to knit this past week, with the stomach bug and all of our regular activities going on~UGH!!! I really need some serious knitting time or I’m going to start to loose my mind :teehee: :teehee: MUST KNIT :knitting: :knitting: :knitting: Maybe I can lock myself in the bathroom with my knitting, a DVD player and a good movie. A blanket in the tub with some pillows would work :thumbsup: Now that sounds like a plan to me! Instead of Calgon take me away it will be Knitting take me away :roflhard:

As if there aren’t enough hours in a day, I’m thinking of going back to get my Masters in Education/Reading Specialist. It’s official, I think that I’ve lost all my wits :roflhard:

Way to go on losing weight! :cheering:

My hubby and I are both about 100 pounds overweight, so we are trying to figure out which plan will work best for us. I’m especially concerned about my hubby, since heart disease runs in his family. (His dad and younger sister both died with it.)

We’re actually thinking of getting stomach surgery.

My mom died of a heart attack so it is very important to me to stay as healthy as possible. WOW! Stomach surgery, that’s a very big decision. Which procedure are you thinking of? I had a friend who did the lap band and it has worked out very well for her. I’ll keep both of you in my thoughts :hug: