Never leave home without my knitting


Hi everyone~:hug:
I have tried three times to start this and end up starting over because I don’t know how much is too much information to give out. Some people say that the third time is a charm but for me things have always been more difficult than for “normal” people. So here it is, maybe the fourth time will be the charm for me!:lol:

I was born during a snow storm in south eastern South Dakota in 1969. I have an older sister and an older brother. I graduated from Concordia University Seward, Nebraska in 1991 and moved to Houston, Texas to begin my teaching career. While teaching in Houston I met my husband on a blind date and we have been married for 13 years. During those years we have lived in 6 cities and 3 states; been through job losses; high risk pregnancies; blessed with two beautiful daughters;suffered the loss of my parents; have been financially challenged; become a great aunt 3 times; endured many health challenges and surgeries but we are still married and going strong! :cheering: What ever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!

Currently we live in south easter South Dakota where I work overnight part time at one of our local hospitals as a switchboard operators. I homeschool our two daughters who are 12 and 10 years old. (Hormones are ragging at our house.:rofl:) Our oldest daughter has Asperger’s Syndrome (high functiong Autism) and our youngest daughter has Celiac Disease (wheat intolerence). I should also mention that my husband is a diabetic, so cooking is a challenge in our house!:wall: My husband works at a cabinet place where they build beautiful cabinets and his part time job is at Wal-Mart. We usually see each other in passing and every Sunday. :woohoo: It’s amazing what you have to do in order to survive these days!:ick: Yes, some peolpe have called me the energizer bunny because I just keep going and going and going…We also share our home with 2 cats; 3 dogs and 6 birds. One of these days I’m going to charge admission to enter our ZOO!:roflhard: We enjoy camping in the great state parks that South Dakota has to offer when we can escape from everything.:thumbsup:

Both of my grandmother’s were very crafty. My fathers mother was an excellent seamstress. My mothers mom was gifted in crafts of any kind. In fact she was the one who taught me how to embroider when I was 5 years old. That is a tradition that I have passed on to my two girls. I learned how to sew in high school home ec. but was not that good at it. When my oldest daughter was born we were very poor so I started to sew her clothes and became an accomplished seamstress. My next conquest was learning how to quilt. I have finished four quilts and currently have three in the works. Then I was hooked on crocheting. I have completed numerous baby blankets, scarves, dog sweaters, pot holders, etc. Three years ago my oldest daughter decided that she wanted to learn how to knit. Well, needless to say I taught myself how to knit and it is now my favorite hobby. Both of my daughters crochet and knit. My husband has even caught the bug and is learning to knit also. :XY:For me, knitting is very relaxing and it’s cheaper than therapy!:happydance:

Currently I am knitting socks for my family. They will come in handy this winter as we snuggle up infront of the fire place. Oh, some day I’ll get around to finishing all of those other projects that I have started. But for now I’m happy as can be with my new favorite hobby :heart: and the growing stash of yarn that seems to be invading our home. I’m so excited to have found this web site and I look forward to learning from other knitters and making new friends.

Well, that’s me “mamapaulsel” :knitting: My moto in life I learned from my father, “I can do anything I put my mind to!” Words of wisdom to live by:lol: So for now happy knitting to everyone out there!


Welcome to the blogs!:hug:

It sounds like you are a very busy person. I think it is so cool that your whole family is crafty. I’ve tried to teach my daughters to knit, but they can’t seem to sit still long enough, (they are 16 and 19) oh well, maybe someday.

I have also said many times that “knitting is relaxing and cheaper than therapy”.:teehee:


Welcome!! Thanks for sharing about your life. You do sound very busy, but it also sounds like you know what the important things in life are.:hug: I hope that my kids will want to learn to knit when they get older.


Thanks for the warm welcome! I was so afraid that no one would read my blog.

Wow–half of the weekend is over already! Where did it go? Today I took my girls shopping for new dresses. We haven’t had new dresses in over a year. Usually we shop the re-sale stores but we have a wedding to attend in three weeks. The dress barn is a great place–both girls found something that they liked. :pray: I found a dark brown crocheted tank dress. I figured that by the time I bought all of the materials and the time to make a dress like this myself it was just as easy to buy it. It looks great:happydance: Now I need shoes…

My bathrooms are cleaned, laundry is started and the dishes are rinsed and ready to be loaded in the dishwasher. Now maybe I can steal a littel time out of my day to knit. I hear the yarn and needles calling my name. Come knit…:knitting:



I thought I would try to list 100 things about me so here it goes:

  1. I am 38 years old:ick:

  2. I have two daughters

  3. My husband is 1 1/2 years younger than me

  4. I have 4 nieces and 2 nephews

  5. I have 2 great nieces and 1 great nephew

  6. I have a new puppy :cheering: her name is Zoey and she is an 8 week old chihauhau

  7. I have a degree in teaching

  8. I taught in 4 lutheran schools before I had children of my own.

  9. I homeschool my daughters

  10. I love to play the piano when I’m stressed out

  11. I love to sing

  12. I play handbells

  13. I want to learn to play the trumpet

  14. I took 2 years of german in high school

  15. I want to learn american sign language

  16. I like to read educational books

  17. I have read every book in the blossom street series

  18. I’m a night person

  19. I love to bake and cook

  20. I like to dance

  21. I like to lay in bed and listen to the rain.

  22. I’m not athletic

  23. My dream car is a '66 mustang convertable

  24. I have been married for 13 years

  25. I’m 1/4 way done :happydance:

  26. I love animals

  27. I don’t have a favorite color–I love all colors and hues

  28. My favorite holiday is Christmas

  29. I like snow :shrug: go figure

  30. My favorite season is fall

  31. I hate cleaning the bathroom

  32. I love to cook and bake

  33. I hate doing dishes

  34. I like the Beatles

  35. I like Elvis

  36. My 20th high school class reunion is this summer:ick:

  37. I’m not going to it

  38. I like to go camping and be outdoors

  39. My dream vacation would be to go to Hawaii

  40. I have a mug collection from every state that I’ve ever been to

  41. I’m a people pleaser

  42. I have a hard time telling people “no”

  43. My fabric stash is bigger than my yarn stash

  44. I collect 30’s reproduction fabric

  45. I love spending time with my girls

  46. I love my job

  47. I like to knit and watch movies or tv

  48. My dogs sleep in bed with me

  49. I love flowers

  50. This is harder than I thought it would be but I’m 1/2 done:cheering:

  51. I’m stubborn

  52. I’m german/french

  53. My husband is german/italian

  54. My favorite pie is lemon merigne

  55. I love wedding cake

  56. I don’t drink

  57. I don’t smoke

  58. Most people think I’m boring

  59. My next knitting challenge will be to knit a sweater

  60. I watch Disney channel with my girls

  61. I have a sweet tooth

  62. I have a phobia of snakes

  63. I like to go to the zoo

  64. I would love to live in the mountains

  65. I love baseball–go Twins

  66. I like basketball–go Spurs

  67. I like football–go Vikings

  68. I wear my heart on my sleeve

  69. I don’t cry easily

  70. I have a charm bracelet

  71. My in-laws drive me crazy:shock:

  72. I have a guitar but can’t play it

  73. I have a green thumb

  74. I’m hot blooded

  75. Almost done 1/4 to go :happydance:

  76. Am I boring you yet?

  77. This is harder than I thought

  78. This is the first time I’ve had a blog]

  79. I try to keep a jounal every day

  80. My best friend is in the Navy

  81. I have 2 tattoos

  82. I love to watch all of the CSI’s

  83. I like to watch Ugly Betty

  84. I have watched every season of Survivor

  85. I drive a Satrun

  86. I jump on our trampoline when none of the neighbors are home

  87. I was a geek in high school

  88. I was engaged for 4 years and called off the wedding 2 month before the big day

  89. I had the greatest parents–I miss them everyday of my life

  90. I listen to all kinds of music

  91. I like to watch Project Runway, and Top Chef

  92. I was hero of the month last month at the hospital where I work

  93. I have too many crafts going at once

  94. I love to shop

  95. I wish I could own a horse

  96. My boss told me I’m like the energizer bunny–I keep going and going and goind…

  97. My goal in life is to make my husband smile/laugh every day

  98. I was shy as a child

  99. I love sweats and tee shrits

  100. I can’t believe I did it:cheering: 100 things about me:lol:

Keep on knitting!


Hi, there, and welcome!

I love Top Chef, too–mostly for all the ridiculous drama (but the recipes are great, too)! Did you watch it tonight? :rofl: What a kick!


OMG, I read your 100 things about me and you are amazing and funny and suprisingly alot like me. I learned how to do sign language by books and also by immersing(sp?) my self in the culture. There is a sign language ministry at my old church where I really learned how by watching and talking to the people there and they are the most welcoming, kind group of people to be around. I love CSI, shop, watch every season of Survivor, I have 2 cats, 4 tatoos and way too many crafts going on at once.


Thanks for responding–I’m always afraid that no one will read my blog and I’ll bummed out:cry: I missed Top Chef tonight. Was is a new season? If it was I’m going to make sure to search my direct tv guide to see when it re-runs. Isn’t the drama great! Where do they find these people? I love it. I wonder if I could think that fast on my feet like they have to for the quick challenges or be that creative. I don’t know that I would be that brave to sample some of the things they cook but it does make one broden their palets.


Thanks for responding! It’s so nice to know that I’m not alone in this big world and that there are other people out there like me. :lol: I also enjoyed reading your blogs. The Church that we were attending had a deaf ministry but I wasn’t able to participate in it. It was a seperate little Church that shared our building. They kind of did their own thing. I wish that I could have learned more from our time there. We now attend a different Church so I’m on my own to learn ASL. I have been trying to do it through books too but if you don’t have someone else to practice with it makes it hard to remember. But I will not give up and one day I will be able to sign to other people. Did you watch “Pirate Master?” It’s a lot like Survivor. I just like to watch how people interact with one another and what motivates them. Thanks again for your reply. Talk with you later.


I found out today that I will need to undergo further testing for Multiple Sclerosis. I have not been feeling well for quite some time and my Dr. wants to send me to a Neurologist. I’m not scared, I just want some answers and hopsfully some relief for the pain. I refuse to let anything get in my way of living life and knitting:lol: Life is too short to feel sorry for yourself! Anyway, if ya’ll would say a little prayer for me I would really apprciate it. Thanks!

Yes, I did live in Texas for a while and married my cowboy!:roflhard: He’s my rock!


:waving: It was new; a sort of pre-season opener. I think the new season starts next Wednesday, but yesterday’s was a cook-off between the top 4 chefs of the 1st and 2nd seasons. Talk about drama–those are some serious egos! :rofling: (Marcel and Stephen :roll:)

I agree, though–I love to cook and be creative, but I’d NEVER be able to come up with such scrumptious-looking stuff on the fly!


Oh, I wish that I would have seen that! I can just imagine the Drama!! Maybe they’ll re-run it next week, I hope so. At least I didn’t miss the first episode of the new season.


Well, I’m back to work after my four days off. :ick: I didn’t even get any knitting in this weekend. :pout: The only time that I get to sit and blog is while I’m at work. That’s kind of sad, I’m too busy at home where I don’t get paid but I can find the time to blog at work where I do get paid. What’s wrong with this picture?:shrug: I guess that’s the advantage of working overnights on the switchboard at the hospital. :happydance:
For those of you who do read my blog – no–I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth just getting some rest at home. :passedout::roflhard:

So I finally got to see the re-run of Top Chef where they had season 1 and season 2 compete against one another. I loved it.:muah: What tension and big ego’s. Samm is such a cutie, I wish that he would have won season 2! I can’t wait to see the new season tomorrow night.:woohoo: Later!


Oooh, me too–I love Sam! Silly stuff, huh? :heart:


I know it’s silly stuff for a 38 year old mother of 2 but that’s what makes life fun. Right?:roflhard:


Hey, I’m a 30 year old mother of 2, and I’m right there with ya! You’ve gotta have some kind of escape from reality! :roflhard:


Thanks hunterjenn, I feel better knowing that I’m not the only one out there who feels that way. Did you catch tonight’s new episode? I wasn’t able to because it was my daughter’s 12th birthday and we went out to eat. In her words,“oh mom, you can just watch the same episode next week.” I hate it when she’s right!


:rofling::rofling: Has she reached the stage where she knows everything? :teehee:

I missed it, but it’s on the Tivo. My sister-in-law got into town last night, so we were hanging out over there. I’ll have to squeeze it in sometime later this week.


Thanks for worrying and thinking about me. I’ve been going through a few things and trying to get myself together so I haven’t been on the computer so I was just writing to say thank you.


Hi everyone,
Last week I had to leave work early because I was having another dizzy spell. My blood sugar was fine but I was not feeling well. So I went to my Dr. and he is trying some new medications for now. In three weeks I go back to see him and if things aren’t better by then I will become his worst nightmare. I want to see a Neurologist and have testing to see if I have MS. I’m not scared just frustrated at my Dr. I just want some answers so that I can deal with whatever is wrong with me. :??
You know that I’m not feeling well when I don’t even feel like knitting:shock:

My current project in life is scanning all of my parents slides into my lap top. Then I’m going to burn CD’s for my sister and brother and one for myself, of course. That way we all have a copy of memories to hold near and dear to our hearts. It’s so hard not having parents anymore. I wouldn’t wish this pain and sorrow on my worst enemy!

Anyway, tonight is another episode of Top Chef. I’m ready to see some drama!:oo: And yes my daughter has reached the age where she thinks that she knows everything. We even have the eye rolling down to a tee!:pout: Life with a tween:ick: I complain but I wouldn’t trade her in for anything!:thumbsup:

More to come later tonight after Top Chef:lol: